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OEM version of 7


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Is this the same machine as the one you mention here and in other threads? If so, where are you at with it? Are you still deciding whether to spend on having a new hard drive and reformat?


If your Vista installation is now working to your satisfaction then maybe you ought to think carefully before a reformat. You should run the Windows upgrade tool and if you go ahead you will need to gather the drivers together first.


If you could provide details of the hardware then hopefully advice can be offered as to whether it is worth upgrading. Personally, I wouldn't spend on it. With a machine that old it might be better to cut your losses and get something newer. If money is tight, there are some good second hand buys in the classified section of this forum.

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OK Jomie. Yes this is the same machine. I'm just looking at various alternatives at present. The 137gb disc is 2/3 full and I seem to have the OEM version of 7 on a disc. I'm wondering whether it's worth continuing with Vista as you suggest because the machine seems to be quite slow. Also, as I may may have said, it freezes with Vista when I run defrag. Apparantly that doesn't matter a lot because a defrag wouldn't speed things up a lot. So I could continue with Vista and put up with its slowness and not bother to defrag it, until it just stops working, then buy a new computer. The more I think about it the more I like this option. So thanks again. Thank you lookleft. Nice to know.

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I don't know whether it is worth working on. It really depends on the condition of the machine and the specifications. Could you post them and then somebody would be able to help you? Probably just need RAM and processor specs. Have you run check disk to see if your hard drive is OK?


Sometimes all that is needed is a simple reformat but if you are not too confident about this then you would need to take it in to someone. The previous quote of new hard drive, install of Windows 7 (including license) and drivers seemed very reasonable to me but then I am no expert. You would need to transfer all your files onto a flash drive, external hard drive or DVD. However, if you opt for a new hard drive you could put your old one in a caddy (about £7) and you would be able to access them at any time. Also it would give you a bit of extra storage, particularly if you delete the operating system files.


The key issue is whether your machine is worth working on or whether it is best just to as you suggest and wait for it to die a natural death. If you can cope with a slow computer then that's OK but if it is irritating you then maybe start saving for a new or good used one or go for the work you suggested in the earlier thread. IMHO Windows 7 runs best on at least 4GB RAM but as long as you are careful not to put too much rubbish on it 2GB would be fine.

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Jomie yes I ran checkdisc and it's ok. Deleting the OS files from my HD....how does the machine cope with this? Isn't it like cutting someone's head off and expecting them to still function after? The machine has a 1.67GHz Intel dual core, 2Mbyte memory cache (is this RAM, 'cos the BeLarc scan doesn't specifically call anything the RAM?), 160Gb useable memory, bus clock 667 MHz, Hewlett Packard Compaq Presario Notebook PC F 27. What's a caddy?

Andyofborg thanks for that info. Glad they are still updating with security stuff.

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