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  1. I have used various methods of stopping Windows 10 update installing on my laptop and all have eventually failed when a new update was released by Microsoft. I eventually gave up and installed Linux Mint and have never looked back since... not one issue since installing 6 weeks ago. Windows 10 upgrade nags become more aggressive
  2. Just download a copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft You do not need a product key to reinstall.
  3. You may be better downloading the ISO from Microsoft and upgrading from that.
  4. Third cumulative update to leave my laptop unbootable. On this occasion the laptop gets as far as the login screen and that is it. There is no wireless connection and no num lock and mouse and touch pad are rendered inoperable. Back to my previous image and I have now deferred all updates until I can establish why I am getting this continual loop of updates breaking the OS In the meantime I have been looking to breakaway from MS and have been impressed with Linux Mint 17 on an old laptop...
  5. No it's still around in Windows 10 - I have found Edge so slow.
  6. I looked on the Fujitsu website and there were no touchpad drivers available for Windows 10 So, one last try of the day. I download the drivers for Windows 8.1 from the Fujitsu website and they worked fine. Strange or what? My guess I was using Windows 8 drivers...
  7. Download Windows 10 from here If you delete the Windows.old files (use Disk Cleanup) you will no be able to return to your previous version of Windows you updated from. If you are okay with Windows 10 then delete it. You can also delete the $Windows.~WS folder too.
  8. The first major update (dubbed Service Release 1) has left my laptop in a continuous loop of rebooting. Second time I deferred the update and looked for a workaround. This registry edit worked for me
  9. Nothing bothering me. Tweaks include removing all modern apps that I have no use for. Turing off services I have no need for and registry hacks. Included in the time are system images (five in total) that I make too. If I decide to go back to Windows 8.1 the time taken now will be returned if I decide to have another look at Windows 10 in the future. The clean install I have made has many bugs that are not in the upgrade from Windows 8. ie., numbers pad does not work at all even though num lock is on. Registry hack does not solve this problem. Alps drivers and software do not work, even in compatibility mode. Task bar on random occasions will display some icons but not all. I'm now back on the Windows 10 upgrade image... all is working fine.
  10. Glad the upgrade went smoothly for you. Tweaking windows 10 is a long and tedious task that can take hours. You may find these sites valuable now you are running Windows 10.. Windows 10 Forums,Winareo and How to Geek And Windows 8 you could shut down with one click...
  11. If you are not happy with Classic Start have a look at Start10 - There is a free 30 day trial, but if you decide to keep Start10 after the 30 day trial then there is a charge of $5 I have tried both (on Windows 8 and Windows 10) and both are excellent, but my choice would be Classic Start, not because it is free, but due the wealth of customisation options.
  12. There is a simple workaround to solve that issue Coloured title bars in Windows 10
  13. Looks like there are some people with issues with Stardock Fences. Have you tried removing the third party software to see if this cures the problem?
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