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Rockies Attercliffe Road?

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Anyone know where this place was, just that Paul O'Grady mentioned it on his program. and I can't recall noticing it.


It was a Gay club at the corner where Effingham road folks off from Attercliffe road I think and was spelt Rockys.

It was later known as Dancing Dollar strip lap dancing club

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Was in Rockies 6 nights a week for years,it origionally open as the Gaiety-gay club,was a gay club for many years was called The Planet and Dorothys too..l..saw Lily Savage there many a time,was a brilliant place,,saw lots of acts there..Divine,Sonia,Hazell Dean,Marc Almond,there was loads that went on stage there,..far too many to remember..even Sally Webster from Coronation Street..tho bless her she couldn't sing ! lol

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Ah back in the day took many a  customer  down there in my cab late at night .it always infuriated me that the majority would request Effingham Rd please ' rather than literally saying Rockys please '.There was nothing else down there at that time of night!.Thankfully times have changed.

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