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  1. Yeah you get a receipt. That can then be shown if the card fails to be read by the machine. It's also acts as a reminder as to when your pass runs out.
  2. It was terrible yesterday on the 72 route. The bus was running 15 minutes late due to problems with the ticketing machine. Then he was also unable to provide anybody with a Citywide ticket. So my relatively short journey into work that usually takes around 7 minutes took 20 minutes and we only picked up four people.
  3. There's must be a good reason why they work like they do. Maybe minimising traffic inconvenience and breaking up the work carried out on major roads like this. I'm sure the rest will be completed sometime soon.
  4. They've also done a stretch down Handsworth Road. No idea when the rest of it's getting done.
  5. All it takes is for them to stick some decent sized signs up pre-warning of this and we'd all be happy. They also do it when trimming the verges and bushes/trees. No prior warning and you're stuck on the motorway as all of the exits are closed off.
  6. Tell him to sort out the hand basket situation too. Most of the time now you have to go hunting for a few left lying around.
  7. A couple of mates and my Dad use them for MOT and servicing. They all seem happy enough.
  8. Ours are the same days as yours and each bin was left with a tag stating it would be emptied Sunday instead of Thursday. This will be due to them emptying other peoples on Thursday that have been missed over Christmas.
  9. There will no doubt be 10 workmen looking into it soon and all coming to the same conclusion. It's quite deep and dark in there.
  10. I said it hadn't been effected with any changes but it seems to be having a knock on effect anyway.
  11. I catch the 72 service to work daily. Now this route has escaped any alterations but the bus has gone from running on time 75% of the time I catch it to 0% of the time now. It's been at least 10 minutes late or more every day since the changes came into effect elsewhere. This is mid afternoon too. I dread to think what happens during peak times.
  12. I'd imagine there is a good reason for it to be resurfaced. They did all of ours around here not long back but left one road as that was done a few years ago and was still in top shape. So I doubt they would be doing yours unless it's needed.
  13. Fully deserved with how he rode in the first half of the season. I think nerves started to get to him as Oliveira kept on winning, but so pleased to see him finally do it yesterday. I've still no idea why Rossi started his spat with Marquez. That backfired massively.
  14. http://www.lebonvin.co.uk/ http://www.mitchellswine.co.uk/ https://www.majestic.co.uk/sheffield All of the supermarkets stock some decent wine too. Especially Lidl and Aldi.
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