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  1. Hi Danny, how are you related if I may ask?
  2. Thank you for this, I must try and find what the number of the house was now. cheers
  3. Are there any maps of pond hill that show the courts? I had relatives who lived there and am told that a daughter was killed in a fire there at court 5. thanks in advance:help:
  4. ARGENT steel on Matthew Street Shalesmoor might be able to help
  5. Been in GHM today a little like home Bargains. GHM and Poundland are run by the same owner apparently.
  6. Where can you buy breadcrumb in bulk around the Sheffield area.
  7. looking at these photo's I would have thought the lower path behind the chapel would have been a better option.
  8. Hi, would it be Malcolm B Robinson age 16 died 1955. only one I could see on free BDM
  9. I think this is down to English Heritage, you might want to contact them about it.
  10. Beattie Crookes The White Horse on Watery Street
  11. I went to school with Alan:) Alan Benton I mean........
  12. There was also one in Mablethorpe, was there for years.
  13. Maud didn't but my other Grandmother Annie Wharton lived next door.
  14. I have a photo o Esther and my grandmother sat in the yard
  15. NITROBAITS. and it was successful thanks.
  16. My Parents both worked there in the 60's. not far for them to walk as we lived opposite the meadow st hotel. think it closed in the 90's.
  17. Found that my Grandfathers ashes were scattered at city road, but no luck on his father at this time.
  18. Anyone know the Baines family from Faranden Road?
  19. Anyone know where this place was, just that Paul O'Grady mentioned it on his program. and I can't recall noticing it.
  20. Hi Cuttsie, do they mention my great grandfather at all Frank Cooper he was a carpenter/joiner at the Empire.?
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