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Are there any residential Caravan/Mobile Home Parks in Sheffield?

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With the housing market the way it is at the moment and since it looks like house prices will not be falling anytime soon, I've become resigned to the fact that I will never be able to afford to buy my own house/flat, even though I work full time and earn above minimum wage, the fact that I live alone and don't qualify for benefits means that I never have enough money left at the end of the month to save anything.


However, I could get a loan or finance to buy a mobile home.Then pay ground rent. The only problem is I don't have a clue where I could put one if I did buy one.


I have seen a couple of sites on the internet, but they are only for people aged over 55/retired people. (I'm in my late 20s) Surely, somewhere there must be a site with no age restrictions.


I was wondering if anyone lives on a residential park at the moment or knows someone who does, or if someone could give me some advice please.

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It's right on the edge but there's a site in Eckington that's always looked nice.


They seem to have a website too if you google 'Eckington Caravan'.


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Bramley Park the place is called. Putting the other in to google brings up somewhere down south.

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Most sites are seasonal, and usually close for a couple months November to Febuary, so that the residents don't have to pay council tax. Usually the retired people do this and take off abroad for the couple months they are closed, not sure of anything really local that does full time, but the nearest one i know of is at inbetween Bawtry and Blyth. Sorry i don't have a contact No, but loads of people are doing this, i'm in that catagory but i'm 55 in 18 months and thinking of taking early retirement, and selling the house.!



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or have you thought of living on a canal barge.used to work with someone who did this as couldn't afford to buy.


Not as cheap as you think, after buying the barge, there's mooring fees, thats if you can find a perm mooring in Tinsley or city centre. Then British Waterways charges as well, insurances ect.. Not as cheap as you'd think in the long run.!



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Park homes ain't cheap either.

Once bought you then have ground rent to pay, not to mention " the rules ".

I looked into it. Some sites (in fact most I looked at) had strict rules excluding children..even as visitors. Not good if you are a grandparent.

Then the no dog rule.....


At first it seemed the ideal retirement solution, but when I seriously looked into it thoughts changed dramatically.


I, like john t, had the advantage of a house to sell.

Thankfully I wasn't taken in by the adverts of retirement villages.

Simply downsizing and buying cheaper was my answer.

Just be sure where you buy is to your liking.


Sadly the op's best option would be renting until finances improve.

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Plenty out on the east coast around Bridlington/Hornsea/Withernsea etc you can live 12 months of the year. Although you can't use them as a permanent address, you need a utility bill from a permanent address to be able to buy one.

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See if this helps:




If you can, look at buying a house in an cheaper area then work your way up. I had to buy my first house in an area that I could afford, not an area which was 'convenient'. I couldn't afford to go out or have a holiday but you soon work your way up.


Please do not buy a mobile home as your investment will only ever go down, they don't last long and they are not well insulated.


Where do you work? There are affordable houses around Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster if you are prepared to travel. See link




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Are there any sites you can live on all year round?


What are your thoughts now regarding housing? I can see you have been back on the forum but you haven't commented. Just interested.........

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