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  1. Soap comes from dead cows???? Well I never knew that.
  2. Happy birthday for tomorrow old tup
  3. Hi all We are on a budget this year and I was wondering if anyone has any caravans or cottages or if anyone knows of a cheap site for spring bank holiday week. There are 3 adults and one child aged 11. Thankyou
  4. That's a mans mind for you. They must think date = sex haha
  5. Even if I fancied the pants off a first date I just couldn't have sex on the first night seems a little too forward to me haha :-)
  6. Drove past there last week. Looks nice. Might have to give it a try.
  7. Is this the one that used to be a brothel?
  8. Totally agree with the above.
  9. No probs. I used to go. Lovely bar
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