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  1. john t

    Static Caravans and site fees

    Why not do what i'm doing, buy a decent sized tourer, you can buy them with fixed beds etc, and come with modern shower rooms and all mod cons. Plenty of sites offer seasonal rates, then if ya get fed up of that place, it's easy enough to up sticks and move somewhere else.! jt
  2. john t

    4 stolen shar pei puppies *home*

    Seen on f/book that they are now reunited with there mum, phew.! jt
  3. Prob best of trying ebay, preloved etc.! jt
  4. john t

    Camper van for hire

    AFP,on Brightside Lane,07770772676. jt
  5. john t

    Places to go camping.

    Laneside at Hope in Derbyshire, near to the train station as well as a bus stop outside if you don't have transport. Bus goes from Pond Street 272 I think, Stayed here a few times myself and it's very nice and clean.! jt
  6. Not as cheap as you think, after buying the barge, there's mooring fees, thats if you can find a perm mooring in Tinsley or city centre. Then British Waterways charges as well, insurances ect.. Not as cheap as you'd think in the long run.! jt
  7. Most sites are seasonal, and usually close for a couple months November to Febuary, so that the residents don't have to pay council tax. Usually the retired people do this and take off abroad for the couple months they are closed, not sure of anything really local that does full time, but the nearest one i know of is at inbetween Bawtry and Blyth. Sorry i don't have a contact No, but loads of people are doing this, i'm in that catagory but i'm 55 in 18 months and thinking of taking early retirement, and selling the house.! jt
  8. john t

    Do you do it in winter.

    We are always away in the m/home, spent NY Eve top of Holme Moss with a couple other m/home mates, and just had a long weekend on the east coast. Twer a tad chilly at night, but warm bedding is great, we wild camp all the time and don't use sites at all. Was great for the pooches to run on the beach, and as it snowed on the Saturday the beach was white over and quite hard, so got a few pics. Just planning the next few days away prob next week, or if busy, def the week after that, ya don't have to go far to enjoy ya sens.! jt
  9. john t

    White American Bulldog bitch for rehoming.

    Get her spade before you let her go, then you'll def know she can't be used as a puppy making dog.! jt
  10. Carlile Street, not sure of there name, but they have a good selection of m/homes for hire.! jt
  11. john t

    Taken the plunge ..

    Maybe i've spelt it wrong could be wesson, basically it's cow's windpipe with meat on..Yukky stuff but the Mrs eats it as well...We also get tripe from there as well.! jt
  12. john t

    Taken the plunge ..

    We've been feeding Tess our Lhasa Apso on Wezzen, only place we can get it is Barnsley market, a she is a fussy eater but loves Wezzen. Our Hollie (King Charles Cav) well she'll eat owt but I will call into this shop and see what they have to offer.! jt Forgot to add, where is it.?
  13. Phew...nice one.! jt
  14. We still have a Yellow bike on our roof, "Le Tour" aint over for a while ya know, the bike will stay till "Le Tour" is over for this year.! jt
  15. Miller knew it was wrong - when the french police came round to his house - he almost put his wrists up and said "cuff me" He now works extensively with young cyclists and on education programs. Ya I know the story, but he new the score..What about the guy who came 2nd and never got his chance of glory on the rostram, or to wear the coverted Rainbow Jersey. I'm not saying he should be banned from the professional ranks of cycling, but should be banned along with any other person caught taking PED's from representing there country ever again, what ever sport that is.! jt

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