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None Dom Status - Gesture Politics

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Labour are doing as they always seem to do and make headline catching polices that affect very few in reality and why did they not plug this hole when they where in power?


Where are the society changing polices that will benefit us all Ed?

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Labour attempting to play up to their core supporters.


Conveniently side-stepping the fact they totally ignored it last time they were in power, and numbers rose several times over.

How many times can they claim to be 'New Labour' ????

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Can't see what you've written but 10 to a penny it's whinge whinge whinge.


It's a good idea and if you think otherwise you're obviously not right in the head


I don't dispute its a welcome idea, however I don't see why this is a big issue. It effects a tiny minority of people in the UK, who have funds and means to hide their income by any way they can. If its not this method it will be another. I also fail to see how this is a stick to beat the current government (who have been in power for 5 years) when this loop hole was present in the 13 years Labour were in power. Not to mention at a time when Ed Balls, the proponent of this policy worked in the treasury!


Where are the policies that will help raise living standards of us all? Where are the policies that will make for a better society?


I'm not convinced or gullible enough to be taken in by tiny little policies designed to grab headlines.

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There is an interesting perspective on this from a campaigning accountant on the proposed changes here



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The accusation that 'they didn't do it last time they were in Government', could be applied to any administration; even ones with a concurrent run of power....

On the substantive point I think that symbols & gestures do matter in politics - they set the framework of governments. If abolishing non dom status is all that a Labour Government did to make the tax system more progressive then I think your argument would have merit.

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