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  1. Can't see what you've written but 10 to a penny it's whinge whinge whinge. It's a good idea and if you think otherwise you're obviously not right in the head
  2. Not only that, her legacy still lives and the effects are still felt. People must not ever forget how evil she was
  3. So did he bring his dead disabled son into the foray and say how much he loved the NHS despite flogging off large chunks of it off recently?
  4. Oh dear, are the crying right wing still trying to pin something on this?
  5. You don't need to officially, but we can all see on which side of the fence you sit by your posts over the last two years
  6. How will lowering tax help reduce the deficit and lower the national debt which they doubled since 2010?
  7. How can you be more turned away if you're not in their boat anyway?
  8. Anyone can find out anything about anyone if they know how to do it and are patient and desperate enough ---------- Post added 07-04-2015 at 17:08 ---------- oh and thanks for the heads up
  9. Well that's precisely it isn't it? The right wingers always want benefits for themselves but as soon as they don't need them they turn round and say nobody else can have them
  10. How do you know they were Romanians?
  11. Oh BTW, for those of you who tried to claim austerity is working and the economy is on the up, you were wrong and I was right. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/two-thirds-of-economists-say-coalition-austerity-harmed-the-economy-10149410.html
  12. Try telling that to the working people having to rely on food banks week in week out. I've emboldened the most descriptive words in your post, which accurately sums-up the right wing
  13. That chump went on iggy months ago so I don't have to read his vile filth
  14. Unfortunately he isn't alone and apart from a few sociopaths at the jobcentres/DHSS or whatever it is these days, the government is bullying staff to suspend benefits. It's a job I wouldn't do although I dare say a couple of nasties on here would jump at the opportunity
  15. Ah yes, I wondered when they'd trot that one out again. The NHS is safe in our hands blah blah ... despite deliberately selling it off in large chunks, underfunding and redundancies. The tories must be clapping so hard their hands are bleeding. And don't forget the Camerons were claiming every benefit under the sun for their kid. As for Sam Cameron, you can tell it's lection time - she turned up for half a morning's work just to be photographs and left staff and patients wondering where she was the rest of the time.
  16. Wasn't there talk of a brand new spanking garden city or something daft like that?
  17. Strange of the arch Bishop of Canterbury hasn't mentioned the persecution that's happening in the UK http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-32187294
  18. Or at least they say they do ---------- Post added 05-04-2015 at 10:43 ---------- Here's another thing. "Teachers warn of 'Victorian' poverty among pupils" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-32181848
  19. A point from Del: David Cameron on last night's leaders debate " I am very proud that we have fed and clothed and given shelter to Syrian refugees '' ( I myself am a supporter of foreign aid but I am making the point of how Cameron has treated his own vulnerable citizens ) While he has left ex service men homeless, living in rags, and being fed by foodbanks, and increased homelessness in general by 36 % and who can forget ex serviceman David Clapson found starved and dead in his unheated flat after being refused benefits !! and he was not the first or last !! Mark Wood also found starved to death in his flat after his benefits were axed. David Cameron has resided over a Tory led government of the sixth richest country on planet earth who's own citizens can be completely blocked from receiving any help and literally be left to starve in their own homes or on the street. What next for Britain ? will we just start stepping over their bodies in the streets like some third world country !!
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