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Traffic lights device being trialled in newcastle

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Newcastle council are trialling a device that keeps lights on green when approaching . it shows a ambulance driver getting patients to hospital on time ( not an emergency ambulance). this could benefit a lot of drivers to keep traffic flowing eg bus drivers/cabbies/lorry drivers etc. more here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-32187925

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They will probably sell the device to wealthy people to stop them being inconvenienced by traffic.


Not likely. We're all in this together, remember?


That these traffic lights tell you the correct speed to drive at in order to get through on green is a great idea - no need to exceed the speed of sound to get through a green light when you're still a hundred metres away.


In some parts of continental Europe, the traffic lights work on a similar principle. Drive through them at the speed limit, and they'll all be green as you arrive. Exceed the speed limit, and they'll turn red to force you to slow down or stop.

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