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How annoying is the iPhone update I've just installed (after nagging)


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I've got an iPhone 5s and after Apple nagging me to install the latest software update, I find it's plonked their latest app on my phone!


It's an app for 'pairing' an Apple Watch to my phone!....I have no intention EVER of buying such a device, and I certainly don't want the app on my phone. But it won't let me delete it.....Thanks Apple :rant:

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Completely agree with the OP, I have a 'folder' on my phone now labelled 'Useless' that I've put this and other apps into that I can't delete. Keeps them out of the way... :rolleyes:


Now actually that's a great idea....Saves them littering the screen space....It's like the other useless ones..."Stocks"...What the hell do I want with that one?


Thanks Bottletop, I'll do that....Unless someone else actually 'knows' how to get rid of them.

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It is Apple's way of informing you that you HAVE TO BUY THE DAMN WATCH or otherwise ;)


I love my iPad and Air, but I am still not impressed with Apple practices. Speaking of which, during the same keynote they've launched the "new" MacBook. It is basically a Macbook Air light (yes, even lighter) with two ports in total. One for the headphone jack and one "USB-C" that is supposed to be the charging point as well as being the only port for anything else. So you can now no longer use it without having to buy Apple Adapters at over-inflated prices, nor can you use it connected to a larger screen AND charge it, or to an external drive, or to a projector or to a... and so on.


And to top it all off, it is more expensive than the Air. But at least it comes in three colours, because that was needed?


Jony Ivey is losing it imo.

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The worst thing that Apple ever did was move podcasts out of the Music app and into their useless Podcast app.


What was a very good tool to update podcasts, create favourites and playlists then became impossible. I've simply given up listening to podcasts now, which is a damn shame because I used to a lot.

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