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I just want to know why..Read on please


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I've got a laptop at home, which I effectively use as a desktop....It never moves.


If memory serves, it's an Asus....I've got a multi USB adapter which permanently resides in 'one' of the two USB ports...Running an external keyboard, and a 'proper' mouse, wirelessly.


As we all know the sound quality of the built in speakers is rubbish, so on Saturday I bought a pair of cheapish speakers. Plugged them into the available USB port, and they worked perfectly....However...


On Sunday, I booted the computer as usual, and tried to access the internet. When it said there wasn't a wireless adapter fitted....Which is rubbish, I've always used it wirelessly. I fiddled with the settings, to no avail...Rebooted, no luck....Restored it to a previous date...No luck....Switched off the modem and rebooted that....No luck....Trawled through all the settings (it's running Vista)...It simply said there was no network adapter....So therefore, couldn't connect to the internet.


I pondered upon it for a long while...Fiddled some more....Then asked myself, "What's changed?".....Well, the only thing different was the speakers, and they had worked perfectly the day before....But that was the only thing different....But the logic to me, was that the speakers were only drawing a 5 volt power supply from the USB port...they weren't interacting with the computer as such. Anyway, I completely disconnected the speakers....And yes, you've guessed, the computer worked properly once more.


So, I solved the problem, but can't understand why the speakers caused a 'problem'.


Anyone any clues?

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Does your wireless settings have some kind of power control??


Perhaps the USB hub drew too much current so the computer shut down the wireless car to provide the juice???


I'm not aware of any power controls for the wireless aspect. There's a sort of a on off keyboard combination, where you can turn it off or on, and I did check it hadn't inadvertently been switched off.


I've never had any 'issues' with the USB hub....The speaker power was plugged into a direct USB port...Not the hub.


But I'm wondering now if it might be an overload of power going the the speakers.....hmmmmm

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Are they actually USB speakers, if so it's not just power, they are a USB device themself.


Vista is rubbish though, I'd recommend upgrading it and you'll have less issues in general.


As far as I know, they're not USB speakers as such, cos there's a phono lead which plugs into the laptop headphone socket to provide the sound signal...There's no mains lead, just a USB which plugs into the lappy to provide the power.


Yes I know Vista is crap...:) The computer is a few years old and I'm seeing it out, to it's death... :)

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Yep, you need a powered hub instead. If it is running Vista the power overhead will be tiny (old machine).


As you bought cheap speakers chances are that they don't have the most reliable electronics in them either.

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In that case, over drawing of the power is the most likely culprit.


You could power them from a phone charger or from the hub (if the hub has a power supply) to avoid the problem.


Would simply overdrawing power from the USB cause a shutdown of one or other system?....And that being the case, I wonder why they worked when I first plugged them in? It wasn't until the following day, when I booted up, that the wifi went down?


I'll try the alternatives you suggest...as the hub is definitely a powered device...and failing that I'll try the phone charger.



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Yep, you need a powered hub instead. If it is running Vista the power overhead will be tiny (old machine).


As you bought cheap speakers chances are that they don't have the most reliable electronics in them either.


Oooops...Sorry Tim, I didn't see your reply before I responded to Cyclone. So it looks like it was definitely a power drain, caused by the speakers.


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It could be that the maximum through-put of the USB port is exceeded as well, is it USB1?


It shouldn't be that, but as you say, it is old gear, things can go wrong and all that.


TBH I'm not sure which version of USB it has....I don't think it's the original USB, cos I've never had messages saying "this device can run faster ....Blah blah"...So it's probably USB 2....It's definitely not 3 either...:)


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I've plugged the speakers into the 'powered' USB port and it seems to be fine...God knows why it worked initially, and on reboot fell over....But the speakers are working now, and so is the wifi...

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