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Ants !! Pest control ?

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For a while now we have had ants but disappeared for a bit when we used powder but I can no longer use powder due to having toddler twins and a dog!! I need pest control to come and possibly sort this for me..

Anyone recommend a good pest control?

Also how much would it be ?

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agree had similar problem bought a couple of ant baits from wilkinsons i think it was and put them where they had been getting in

have had no problems for the last year, try this first as will cost a fortune for pest control and also ants do not do any harm to humans, not like flies, rats or mice

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The ants we have are the pharoah ants which are dangerous as they pass on bad germs and I can't be having this with toddlers around! Also I tried the bait stations they didn't work at all :( thanks for the replies xx

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