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  1. I had exactly the same issue with lookers ford! Totally ignored my issues and car was returned to them 5 times for same issues after telling me they had sorted it out! Was a new fiesta with issues from day 15! In the end after much arguing with head office etc the car was left with them and I had a new vehicle from another dealer! Nightmare I would not wish to go through ever again
  2. Thanks again wallace, weve done all the logical things much to my sheer dissapointment nothing has changed! About to change the crankshaft sensor this afternoon, a lot of corsa forums seem to have this issue, i suppose its hope! Ill keep u posted! ---------- Post added 11-05-2017 at 06:52 ---------- Just an update.... for some unknown reason and we don't know why. The corsa had "lost" the codes!!!, also putting new dash clocks in didn't help and we were at a loss as AA had told us it was the engine immobiliser that had kicked in, so... I had a knight in shining armour, Tim Harrison from fix my Vauxhall.com he came out with the appropriate Vauxhall software and did what he had to do (it needed re coding) we didn't have the car pass code key spare key.. nothing, but Tim did all this and brum brum up she fired! An absolute gentleman! So without me selling work for him ... if anyone is at a loss with their Vauxhall he is brilliant Thanks to everyone who tried it was appreciated x
  3. Thanks wallace, done that already, it struggles to turn over ( not through lack of battery) the power is there then it fires up.... Then splutter dies within 5-6 seconds!
  4. Done the fuel checked all that out its certain its not fuel or the pump, i know its something electrical, but where lol
  5. Help!!! We have an elderly vauxhall corsa C, it was a really really nice luttle run around (03) plate, i last parked her on my drive in dec last year, and she only did 200 miles since last mot, she has always been cared for too, however last week i went to start her but knew the battery would be flat and that should have been it! So powered her via a donor battery, took ages starting i mean ages! I got her nicely ticking over off i went and did around 15-20 miles no running issues at all, then i noticed... The clocks not working, i parked her back up and this is where the trouble started! Not a chance of a start, the engine turns over for 5-6 secs then dies so i left her alone for a day or so, then on inspection without the key being in the ignition.. The lights on the clocks were on, no spanner light! Had AA he said he couldnt read it on his fault machine cos of no spanner light as it only read incorrect vehicle match? I then bought new clocks fitted them correctly to the cluster behind the clocks but although the clock lights ( warning lights) have gone off and all the gauges are now working, still not running! She turns over and dies out! ( the pin i noted on my last plug in clocks were bent) help.. Its now at what do i do!!!
  6. Thanks, i know £70 doesnt seem huge but it is if it doesnt do what it should Thanks x
  7. Can anyone help.... Thinking of purchasing a second user ipad mini, the first gen, i thought at £70 and in good condition its ok and a cheap little device but.... Ive read that its not supported and at the moment not sure what ios its running! Any advise? Thanks
  8. maybe get intouch with a cats charity and explain your situation? they may offer a soloution its worth a try, good luck
  9. That makes sense yes... Tonight I finally get my ear to "pop" then it goes deaf again but when it did clear for all of 10 seconds it sounded like I was inside a crisp bag! Really really strange not like my old hearing at all... Back on the oil
  10. Has anyone used sodium bi card ear drops for softening/ removing ear wax? If so is this any different/ better that olive oil ear drops? I find the olive oil messy! Just wondered which is the best continue olive oil or switch to sodium bi carb drops! Olive oil drops are taking forever and most runs back out!
  11. Are there any remedies out there for removing wax from the ear without the need for syringing? Aside from me pushing a cycle pump in the lug!! Deafness sends you bloody crazy!
  12. Can anyone give me an old cure for blocked ear!!!!!! No harsh stuff, I've had it blocked last year and doc said it didn't need syringing after weeks of olive oil it did the trick but woke up today and it's back after months of bliss! Olive oil again folks?
  13. Now sorted thanks
  14. Halifax road to high green........ had to leave the car near argos halifax road last night does anyone know if halifax road is clear for me to pick it up and get back to high green? thanks all
  15. They say alls well that ends well.... Hope so x
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