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  1. Omnia One do it, we use theirs, Amy 01142792600
  2. Someone I know just did sheffex, he hired a magician to be on his stand, he said it worked extremely well.
  3. Patterned carpets look great on stairs and they really don't show any dirt.
  4. Check out our special offer: http://www.mr-bit-cleaners-sheffield.co.uk/carpet-and-oven-clean-special-offer/
  5. LAR print in Hillsborough, Dan does all of hours
  6. I think most people have game consoles at home these days? Maybe you could do competitions on a really big screen?
  7. Around 8.45am there was 8 riot vans coming off motorway into Darnall, and generally quite a lot of police around town, something must have been happening.
  8. We have been fitting ones with 10 year sealed battery, I think it's a great investment both fire and carbon monoxide alarms, for any home.
  9. I only heard about UBER from a City taxy driver, from what he was saying the drives are happy City/Mercury will have some competition
  10. Anyone else had their vehicle broken into last night? It happened in S9, It was so loud with thunder we didn't hear anything :/
  11. I think its a great idea, especially with monthly payments it will help new businesses Maybe you could do a training app?
  12. This is on Living Social now: http://www.livingsocial.com/deals/1466594-emergency-first-aid-at-work-course?ref=mobile-email-share-pre-purchase
  13. I haven't had a pm back either? Shall we just organise a place and time to meet and take it from there?
  14. I know people used to go to McDonald's and ask for free boxes as they go through lots of them.
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