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  1. Hi, Our lovely three year old adopted female has disappeared which we have only adopted three weeks ago so won't know where she is Very lively and lovely Very shiny black coat so if you could keep an eye out for her we would be grateful
  2. Hi, if anyone has some small fish for an unheated coldwater tank I would appreciate them, for cash on collection, thanks
  3. They will come off using a wall paper scraper, but as they are stuck on with glue in blobs it can leave marks on the plaster. You might get away with putting a thick layer of textured paint to cover over
  4. I carry out oddjobs for people, and in the past have carried out extensive building works From the second photos your problem looks like damp penetration as the emulsion is bubbling as it is being pushed off from behind I assume your chimney is attached to next door and whilst your roofer has said your chimney is ok, next doors may have a fault with the apron flashing , pointing or flaunching A nice photo externally would help, but is is difficult to see the right side of the chimney You should talk to your neighbour with a view to getting a good roofer to have a close look at both parts After the cause is fixed, you should have the affected plaster chopped off to the brickwork and renewed as it will have hygroscopic salts in
  5. How would you describe that beautiful mottled green colour?
  6. Why would you want or need to catch a stray which is ok? If it has a broken jaw then maybe leave some food outside so it can munch?
  7. Pharoah ants are a far bigger problem than garden ants and have to be treated with pesticides only available to professionals Sheffield Council do a service for £174 as per their website : https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/environment/environmental-health/pest-control/domestic.html If there are only a few, you could use sticky pads from garden centres
  8. Ants are often found in kitchens as they are looking for food, so if you take off a plinth from a cupboard and put some powder under the units the ants can get to it but your twins and dog can't
  9. I carry out gardening and small scale handyman jobs for people. I tend to do the bits of garden tidying that larger companies find not economic, and as I charge by the hour you can choose exactly how much you would like to spend As for getting started with plants, you could get some packets of annual seeds come the spring which you just spinkle on bare soil and let nature do the rest
  10. Good points have been made I went with the 'alternative' treatment after a whiplash injury which the GP had me having physiotherapy which as it turned out made matters worse as his exercises caused repetitive strain injury Brendan has also done acupuncture and 'dry needling' and I, the wife, sister in law and several friends have all found him to be able to give the treatment we needed I went in with my eyes open, and ask several chiropracters to explain what they found and agreed to their suggestions when I thought it made sense
  11. I have been seeing Dr Brendon Robertson at Back to Your Best 348 Meadowhead 2359509 for several years and he has cleared my neck and back problems as well as several of my family and friends. Last cost was about £30 a session which can be claimed back from Westfield
  12. If the flue hasn't been swept to remove the build up of soot then that attracts moisture and could cause a dripping, which would happen when it is not raining Having a cowl on top to allow ventilation is good but having a vent at the bottom allows air to go up the flue and causes your livingroom to cool, unless you have a sliding cover so you can control it
  13. Hi, I always use and recommend Apollo Domestic Services based on Meadowhead S8 tel no 274 6977 for repairs to washing machines and tumble driers And no - I don't work for them !!
  14. I came out of Sheffield city centre about five and the bars were heaving, noisy, and already had bouncers - sorry security staff - on the doors asking for proof of age!
  15. My daughters best friend lost her purse at the train station yesterday at about 1.30 pm It has her bank cards, ID and some cash in it and unfortunately so far it hasn't been handed in to lost property I know its a long shot but if anyone picked it up we would be really grateful if she could get it back It is bluey green with a cartoon, thanks
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