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Neighbour using wheelie bin

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I'm getting constantly fed up with my neighbour using my wheelie bin to put her rubbish in so wondered if anyone has tried a bin lock and if they're any good or anyone has any other suggestions.


I should point out that I have no problem with a neighbour putting stuff in once I've put it outside for collection, but this neighbour just keeps walking straight into my front garden to dump large bags of rubbish as she keeps her bin on the back alley and can't be bothered to walk round to it. There's only her there and a family of us so by the end of the fortnight our bin is usually at capacity.


I got home tonight and my bin was ajar and half full of her rubbish. As I still had a bag of my own to put out, I've removed hers and put it outside her door. It made me feel a bit swampy but I'm not sure what else to do.


I did think of moving my bin onto the back but thought it would give any would be burglars an easier way to climb into the garden (over a high wall) so didn't bother.


She's done it several times and I've already mentioned it so this time took the more drastic action of letting her have it back.


Any ideas anyone?

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The person is obviously of low intelligence, with these people the only thing that works in the end is to leave, the next phase will be finding her in the middle of you and the hubby..insanity in the community is common place now hence why intelligent people have already left the country!

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