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  1. Not a Sun reader but wanted to look at all the Newspapers reactions to last nights debates. There was thirteen comments on the article I looked at and most of them stated that the Title had been altered and all the original eighty comments had been removed which were mostly against Mrs Mays performance on the Debates. Then in front of my very eyes the thirteen comments were taken off and replaced by two very very pro Tory supporters comments which were not about the Debates at all. Dirty tricks.
  2. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3653280/labour-close-gap-on-conservatives-as-theresa-mays-lead-over-jeremy-corbyn-is-cut-to-five-points-amid-social-care-chaos/ Blimey Makes a change from all the smears.
  3. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sunday-life/conservative-club-honours-ira-bomber-gerry-mcgivern-by-lowering-union-flag-to-half-mast-34357680.html Dont Tories just love their IRA Bombers
  4. Was this in the Sun or Daily Mail per chance. Sounds a bit odd coming from Someone who won the Gandhi Nobel Peace award in 2013 dont you think.
  5. Check out Maria Gatland an actual ex IRA Member who is currently a Tory Councillor for Croydon. Its on Wiki too. Unless there is another one we don't know about.
  6. Hi Old Tup great to hear some more about George. If you look on the Old Back to Back houses in 60s thread and Old washhouses esp Wincobank thread you will see loads about George. He actually had Heart problems I think. His Grandson is on these two threads. https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=12735&highlight=old+back+to+houses+in+wincobank-60s&page=9 ---------- Post added 18-05-2017 at 20:05 ---------- http://www.cufos.org/UFO_History_Gro…/1953_03_07_History.pdf Some great old Wincobank history here mentions George Moverley and his son.
  7. Hi Old Tup Please read this Thread
  8. Yes my Dad (Frank Worthington) did for a while but his brothers Tom and Wilf worked there all their lives. The youngest brother was David Worthington who you might know I think he hung around with Cliff Roxborough. Also theres a new photo been put on picture Shefield of the back to backs Newman Road it is named as Patch and mend properties Newman Road dont know if you've seen it , It shows you all the back yards starting with the Ainsworths and Websters. My Dads Teacher was Miss Bedford at Wincobank School and his mate was Mick Huckles (Duffy).
  9. I probably packed those I worked at a little Fancy Goods Warehouse we handled those little pearl knives etc. The place was called Ashburys. It was at the top of one of those steep roads near to Footprint Tools. It was my first job and for a whole £5.00 per week I had to Take heavy Parcels up and down the steep lane to the PO then come back and go on a Hafting Machine then do everyone's teas and coffees then Packing then Teas again etc. Does anyone remember this little Firm I cant find it on Google, not even from the past stuff.
  10. Yes use to frequent the Bowling Green Pub when I worked there.
  11. For anyone still on here theres a new photo come up on Picture Sheffield It is a photo of Newman Road Back Yards of the Back to Back Houses. Its stated as Newman Road Patch and mend Properties. ---------- Post added 18-05-2017 at 15:34 ---------- Hi old Tup loads of info on George Moverley on this thread ---------- Post added 18-05-2017 at 15:47 ---------- Does anyone remember Jill Rhodes she lived in the sort of Farm House next to the Garages on Newman Road just below that old Chip Shop and old chapel. ---------- Post added 18-05-2017 at 15:50 ---------- Hi old Tup loads of info on George Moverley on this thread ---------- Post added 18-05-2017 at 15:47 ---------- Does anyone remember Jill Rhodes she lived in the sort of Farm House next to the Garages on Newman Road just below that old Chip Shop and old chapel. _______ Why has this thread not moved up when I have just quoted on it ??
  12. No only know its called Shiregreen Arms now
  13. Hi Gethro, was brought up there in 60s when Challoner was the Coal man then.
  14. Tigersoul did you know Valerie Cranmer who lived on Godric in the 60s, she was a school friend of mine.
  15. Im trying to find information on the Buses /routes from Sheffield Lane Top Terminus in 1970 and earlier. This was before the 75s or 76s came along. I can only remember the old 33 to Hemsworth Bus before it started running from Shirecliffe. There was another one that ran from Lane Top during those years but I can not remember which one.I keep thinking Norton or Beauchief or something. Can anyone help.
  16. A Mr and Mrs Manterfield lived next door but one to us in the late 60s on Follett Road Shiregreen, which cuts off Homestead Rd. They were middle aged then .
  17. Andrea the Barmaid married someone called Smith. Her maiden name was Makin.
  18. I only remember one Newsagents in the 60s and that was the Rendezvous, which was below Brookshaws Garage. Where the Iceland is now.
  19. Yes I remember Neil Webster Marrie and Ted. I still have an old photo of Desmond Briggs Junior an I when we were Babies
  20. Car ploughed in to House in Meersbrook no one was in at the time luckily.
  21. Gleadless bus 79 tried to turn round and crashed in to a car- Radio Sheffield. Sorry if its already mentioned
  22. I suppose Gleadless Rd is the same, any buses going on there? The part near the Wyvern. Son hoping to get to work in Town. ps Leighton Rd
  23. Its what they don't tell you thats the problem on these type of programs. These two sisters are the only two out of a family of eleven that live like this, her brother has his own business and probably pays more tax than some of you. Also some of them went to East Hill special school and have probably been left on the scrap heap because the job centre dont bother helping many people with learning disabilities find courses or work etc. Also I watched another Sheffield benefits program a while ago and I recognised one of the fathers, the program concentrated on one son who was out of work, in fact he had two sisters as well who were not on the dole but they were not shown.
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