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Richmond - near the fish pond and shops


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What road is it on? I have a friend who lives on Richmond Hall Road, and if I'm honest, I wouldn't hang around there after dark, or walk up to those shops. The few times I've been in the Richmond Pub, I've left before finishing my pint because of a very 'ominous' atmosphere in there.


It's certainly NOT a bad area........ but it's not the best either.


I always think that if you are happy and feel safe in an area, sod what anyone else thinks.


All I can suggest is you visit the area at a couple of different times of day / night and see what you think.

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I live close to there. The shops aren't bad but I don't go at night time.

Its the other shops in the heart of Woodthorpe that are rough as a bears bum so I never venture in there.

I've had no problems, yet..touch wood. My roads very quiet with bought houses and the odd housing association ones.

I wouldn't recommend going into a council house on there though as I know a few bad eggs are about. Its a shame for the civilised people of Woodthorpe who mean no harm.

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its not all.that bad on.there depends what your used to being around in general. my family live all around the area and to be honest most of the 'trouble' is from school aged children up to a bit of mischeif. not been in.the oub for a few years but know people who do and there not bad people.



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It's not the area it used to be, same as Woodhouse. But in the scheme of things it isn't the worst in the world.


I would never have a house that close to the shops though. You would be better off with a house a bit further away. The Richmond, the co-op, the off license attract too much of other kinds of 'business'.

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