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  1. Exactly!!! So make them known to the public, that way no-one will be specualting and innocent folk won't be mistaken for them.
  2. I think its because Thompson hasn't been in any trouble since, got on with a new life and its been said he showed full signs of rehabiliation..if that's even possible after such a monster like act that they did. Whereas Venables has told people who he is, and what he did. It was reported that he's been violent towards a partner and then obviously re-offendered by possesing child porn. I think they should be left to live their lives with their real identities, to stop innocent men being wrongly accused of being one of the two. Also for the public, I think we have a right to know who people who commit such crimes are.
  3. The area was poorly lit. One street lamp at the top of the path, by the time I was at the bottom could hardly see a thing!! Had to walk that way as the other pathway to where I was going had been dug up due to gas works and would have meant walking along the busy road. I wasn't out to claim anything, I was advised by my Doctor to claim. At least 6 weeks off work, so I'm loosing money!
  4. We took about 6 photos of it and the mole hill like holes too, their on our camera but I will wait for him to get in to send them...to much work for one armed bandit here Its the worst path I have ever seen, can't believe nothings been done about it. My uncle says its been like that for months and he reported it before Christmas but nothings been done.
  5. I will get my partner pm u a picture when he gets back. Its quite a big pot hole followed by uneven pavement. Almosts looks like mole hills but obviously concrete. I wasn't aware the path was like this as I would have avoided and reported straight away.
  6. Well seen as my other arm is elevated in a sling and on a mobile phone then yes!!!! Want to come and watch?????
  7. Hi Just wondering if anyone could recommened a personal injury solicitor in Sheffield? Or whether I should stick with one off the tv?? I was walking on public pavement two weeks ago, and fell over a large pot hole. I didn't think anything of it at the time, it hurt like most falls do but I could move around easily. The next day I woke up and could hardly moved my left arm or neck. Left it a few days as I thought it would wear off and then ended up at the doctors. Doctor said I'd got a pinched neve and a frozen shoulder as a result of fallingg over and said its likely that it will last for months. I'm in agony with it, and it wakes me up during the night too. Anyway got to be off work until it gets better due to nature of work I do. The Doctor said I should consider claiming against the council for this. Can only use my right arm and hand.
  8. DNA tests done on yet another lookalike show its not Maddie. Will she ever be found? What do you think?
  9. Assuming your Brother has the mental capacity to choose then ask him what he would like to do. After 7 years experience supporting individuals with mental health conditions and learning disabilities I know that the majority like to do the same things every week on set days. I suppose its a kind of comfort and being in control for them. I taken a few lads to Magna around same age as your Brother but who are mentally younger and they enjoyed it. Ice skating is also good. Is he able to walk or does he have a wheelchair?
  10. I live close to there. The shops aren't bad but I don't go at night time. Its the other shops in the heart of Woodthorpe that are rough as a bears bum so I never venture in there. I've had no problems, yet..touch wood. My roads very quiet with bought houses and the odd housing association ones. I wouldn't recommend going into a council house on there though as I know a few bad eggs are about. Its a shame for the civilised people of Woodthorpe who mean no harm.
  11. Oh I am glad I've found u. Its rachel. Lost ur number when I went on maternity and work wouldn't give it me. Hope u r all well. I will send u my number in a private message. X
  12. Hi Does anyone know Linda and Ray Paget from Stannington? They have a Daughter called Joanne. I lost contact with them last year and been trying to track their number and address down for months. If you can help please pm me.
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