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  1. he has been linked to Newcastle says on sky
  2. have I just heard on sky he might be miving
  3. only just seen this ,my memory of seeing Vernon apart from all the times with joe was I was in windermere on honeymoon and my husband spotted him walking round the lake he shouted across to him and he just nodded and walked on he was a brilliant guy . rip vernon
  4. I wonder if those on here that think its all right to swear in public ,have children would they go to a school play or meeting and start with the filthy language to a teacher or other parents ? no they wouldn't because if the police were called and they swore at them they would be arrested
  5. Most people on here would have thought that a barely educated working class lad would swear in public. He never used it when the odd time he was on tv or radio as he knew he would never work again in the media.
  6. I was i a busy restaurant last night quite early and ex Sheffield Wednesday player was in and his language was disgusting, he was on the wine but wasn’t drunk but why he needed to use the words he did and the staff turned a blind eye to it.i won’t name him to save him embarrassment but please when your a big name in football just watch your language Your better than that.
  7. New hope charity t halfway would be pleased to accept all clean clothing,thank you
  8. my nightmareis the bus company at half way that came screaming up behind me at the bingo turn off on parkway I had indicated 6 times moved over to get in derick Dooley lane he was a good 80 yards behind me as I filtered over in his bright orange single decker ,next minute lights revving engine 6 inch of my bumper as I got to speed camera hes still pushing me ,this is 10 am bus full of people then he crossed all 4 lane to get back to the inside lane on to the midland station.so he was in the wrong lane anyway and he got stuck at redlights but coudnt look at me as I was taking his reg and bus number. I tried brake lights on to slow him but it was as if he wanted to ram me .description glasses bald 50 ish and the worst public driver ive ever seen
  9. you hardly get anything , youll feel a lot better dropping them in at st wifrids next to the traffic lights heeley,between 9am and 3pm it a really good charity
  10. ive been trying to get through to rspca for a week imposible.its all press 1 2 3 4 5 6 and you just get a try our web site or the council...………….Sheffield branch don't even answer
  11. ive been trying to speak to someone at rspca,ring the Sheffield branch and its a tape message to ring the main rspca number,try that and every option you cannot get to speak to anyone ,its all go on line or ring your council .I think its shocking that you cant speak to anyone in Sheffield or the main number
  12. Yes I did mean the club at that time not now.i just hope this will be the end to it and the thousands of pounds it’s cost into these enquires.it seems that the end will come only after guilty verdict s are put on somebody.
  13. 30 years on and it still goes on.mr duckenfield and mr mackerel I’m sure at the time this happened that the decision s etc to be made would have been a tremendous pressure for all staff on the day.i think that this should have been dealt with when it was fresh in everybody’s mind,these two men I’m sure will be glad to get on with there life,I think all charges should have gone to the club as a business and not put on to the two men.lets hope lessons have been learned.
  14. had 5 calls today saying its bt going to cut off your internet,all different numbers isn't it about time it should be stopped I kept one talking for 10 mins last week and she cut off when I said I just wanted to have a chat till my dinner was ready ,any other tips to get shut .
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