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  1. aldi .highland earl whisky is very good if your having lemonade or ginger ale as a mixer. get the big bottle for value
  2. thanks my surgeon says it not related to the surgery all that was in order just one of those things its come one and to give my surgery 6 to 8 weeks to settle.thanks everyone
  3. whats best for frozen shoulder just had surgery c5 c6 disc fusion but the pain in my shoulder is horrendous.
  4. A car on normanton springs hill this morning thrown a load out nr Linley lane,but it been seen on a camera if you want to come and get it before 4 pm ok.if not police will be notified plate recognised. why do they do it no wonder there’s rats everywhere.
  5. miata mot garage family owned .very reliable.next to birley moor garden and fish centre
  6. best place please price wise for ultion lock oil and iswd not any good for ultion locks
  7. today would have been his 78 birthday sixties blues singer played the esquire club the mojo.and many sheffield clubs,and in the sixties toured with roy orbison joe cocker the sones and did ready steady go thank your lucky stars.etc any memories of you seeing jimmy would be appreciated............thanks
  8. what a brilliant film thanks tonyk
  9. well said elvis a few months ago my nephew your garden friend was going to get me my frank white record,not fade away signed and of course time goes by and it wasn't to be .
  10. as in earlier post ive searched and found the vhs video of frank at Weston park live im on it with my lad,it was a calender production.keepsake I thought had gone.
  11. I had a vhs video of frank on calendar at Weston park with my husband and young son stood right next to frank,my husband had a joe cocker T-shirt on.he told him he had got this years ago at the birleyhotel. But like anything else it’s got lost,if only we could keep things like this to look back on,,,,,,,,,,,if only.
  12. sad news frank should have made it chart wise like joe and dave berry,but he was the next big star from Sheffield in my eyes I ive got a frank white single mint condition .not fade away/ move on.i was asking last year on face book if I could get it signed my nephew said he could get it done for me but as usual we never managed it, rip old boy sad that I suppose friends and fans cant attend now. because he would have gone out to a packed house as usual...………………...
  13. the workmen spend more times looking at their phones
  14. Any one recommend a good kitchen blind company.
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