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  1. tonight 144 quest tv 9pm jepsons number plate programme.should be good
  2. the left hand lane from gleadless to turn in needed to come up about 50 yards nearer ,but the stupid one in out road you can just about do a right or left without hitting a wing mirror stupid layout the times ive heard horns blasting
  3. from coisley roundabout to park way 7am 9am to town and other way home 4 pm .to 6pm.should you que first lane or overtake and zip filter in some let you in some don't that's what the right lanes for or is it. allways let anyone in
  4. mr Duckenfield the way you have conducted yourself through all this and to have all the insults etc you have had ,please hold your head up high you have nothing to feel sorry about , to think of the millions of pounds on trial after trial after all the years what a waste a big waste of money ,let the ones who died be able to rest in peace please, the Bradford fire was another tragedy but its not gone on for decades thank god you have got the verdict ive been hoping for. enjoy your life now along with your family you deserve too well said kate I agree
  5. sorry not sure how to pm just seen this but I would rather not say who the company was ,ive been told something else since this post about another incident with them. I think I should end it there
  6. At 10 am a blue Suzuki car taking ages to turn right from moss way up to mosborough lights,and I found out why ,she was driving with a black dog jumping up down on her lap.how on earth can you concentrate on driving like that,it’s probably explains why the passengers side was all smashed in.is it against the law to drive like this?.......as bad as driving on the phone..
  7. several members of my family have used simpsons and they have been brilliant and the last time I went there late afternoon they said just take a seat we will be a few moments ,and then took me through and they said stay as long as you feel, and the same with keatons ,nothing was any trouble. as I say I don't want to mention the company as they have had enough publicity this year
  8. It was the way I was told and not offered a appointment , I’ve seen a few other remarks about this company,in the past similar remarks
  9. It’s makes me laugh all this moaning about prices, 1.if you don’t like the price why did you buy it 2if it’s overcrowded,that tells you its good, 3 .its not kfc,it’s not McDonald’s you’ll find them a lot cheaper. 4 what did you get with your jacket potato a filling,salad.not just a potato. , ps fish n chips at Tom kerridge restaurant,£35.95,now that is expensive.
  10. I wanted to say a and last goodbye to a friend at a Sheffield funeral directors, every time ive visited before to do this at other funeral homes,ie simpsons, keatons,luntsI have been told take a seat and we will call you through in a few minutes,on this occasion I was told no you cant you must make a appointment, no sorry about that or offered another time they didn't even say hello as I went in .it was very upsetting experience.i wont mention the name of the funeral company.
  11. At banner cross can you park with a blue badge free or do you have to get a ticket,when you ring the number it a recorded message,and it say do it on your smart phone.i haven’t got a ....... smart phone it’s press this press that why can’t you speak to someone,went in 6 shops and not one had a clue even the post office it’s no wonder every shop was empty. CAN YOU PARK FREE WITH BLUE BADGE .?
  12. its the presentersmore than the callers with all the slow motion sentences,ie our number is 0800 triple1 ffforteeeeeeennnnnniiiiiiiiine forty nnnnnnnnniiiiiine or that coming up at the end of the prrroggggggggggggrame
  13. watched another hours jumping today,sat enjoyed the view and just to get a bit of fresh air makes you feel better
  14. some of the ramblings of this show , its like itslike,ererm whathimacallit, you know what I mean, do you get me ,you know you know. blackpool blade but now Eckington blade etc , if I was manager andy,is it andy oh sorry mike.youve got to laugh
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