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  1. maggidee

    Cash for clothing

    you hardly get anything , youll feel a lot better dropping them in at st wifrids next to the traffic lights heeley,between 9am and 3pm it a really good charity
  2. maggidee

    rspca impossible response

    thanks for that
  3. ive been trying to get through to rspca for a week imposible.its all press 1 2 3 4 5 6 and you just get a try our web site or the council...………….Sheffield branch don't even answer
  4. ive been trying to speak to someone at rspca,ring the Sheffield branch and its a tape message to ring the main rspca number,try that and every option you cannot get to speak to anyone ,its all go on line or ring your council .I think its shocking that you cant speak to anyone in Sheffield or the main number
  5. maggidee

    Hillsborough verdict

    Yes I did mean the club at that time not now.i just hope this will be the end to it and the thousands of pounds it’s cost into these enquires.it seems that the end will come only after guilty verdict s are put on somebody.
  6. 30 years on and it still goes on.mr duckenfield and mr mackerel I’m sure at the time this happened that the decision s etc to be made would have been a tremendous pressure for all staff on the day.i think that this should have been dealt with when it was fresh in everybody’s mind,these two men I’m sure will be glad to get on with there life,I think all charges should have gone to the club as a business and not put on to the two men.lets hope lessons have been learned.
  7. maggidee

    Beware of this BT scam !

    had 5 calls today saying its bt going to cut off your internet,all different numbers isn't it about time it should be stopped I kept one talking for 10 mins last week and she cut off when I said I just wanted to have a chat till my dinner was ready ,any other tips to get shut .
  8. maggidee

    Stolen bird feeders

    last night 9pm in woodhouse and springs area a few break ins it says on the sh 13 forum at lot of police with dog van in the springs last night so lock everything out of site and look out for elderly neighbours . or get a Alsatian like my next door neighbours they wouldn't get far.
  9. maggidee

    Cash for clothing

    just donate to st wilfrids any good adult clothing and feel that you've helped a good causel good thank you
  10. maggidee

    New hope charity shop halfway cafe

    just off to new hope with a few bits for the homeless we seem to have more shampoos and soaps than we need,if you've not been yet give it a try,take a friend its a nice tea shop no music blasting out just everyone having a chat and its service with a smile.
  11. well Normanton springs is like the forgotten land ,linley lane Normanton hill down bottom of dyke vale its everywhere
  12. maggidee

    Garden centre/Pond Aquatics?

    Birley moor garden centr. Aquatic shop are very good give them a try
  13. maggidee

    Convert old phone to modern plug in.

    Been told it can slow down your broadband so I don’t want to risk it it’s slow enough as it is.thanks for your replies
  14. maggidee

    Convert old phone to modern plug in.

    Thanks for reply
  15. I’ve got a 70s red phone that needs converting so I can plug in to a modern bt socket,best place to try please.thank you

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