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Best place for a curry in sheffield?


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apologies if this is covered elsewhere, please merge if necessary...

where's a good quality hygienic (ish) place to go for a curry?


i went to Nirmals last night, it was reasonable quality, a bit pricy though not overly extortionate, but i was annoyed that the owner was trying to suggest things we could have, possibly as there was more available, or it was easier for the chef,

and i know that she does this quite often


some items on the bill seemed to be rounded up to the nearest £,

why aren't they on the menu in the first place then?


but was more annoyed that we had 10% service charge added on to the bill


this is acceptable in other countries when eating out is much cheaper,

and service should Always be optional

i would have rounded our bill up to the nearest £10 anyway

and some people would probably not even notice it was a service charge..

it wasn't stated (we should've queried but couldn't be bothered)

and paid an Extra 10%!

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I've been eating out in Sheffield City Centre for 20 years and only once have I been to Nirmals......That annoying woman put me off from going back there.


If I go for a curry I usually eat at Butlers, Shapla, Seven Spices or Agrah.


I had a very nice Chinese last night at Hui Wei on Glossop Road.





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We got ripped off at Nirmals once, never been back.


My favourite is Dhanistas on Abbeydale Road, a bit further along Abbeydale Road is East West which is also very good. Even further down is Ruupyall which is worth trying. Also recommend the Mangla on Spital Hill and Aagrah in Leopold Square.

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