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  1. Any recordings anywhere? What kind of age-range are you looking at? (I'm a bassist btw...)
  2. It's hard to feel sorry for them when they're a constant nuisance - I had one guy ask me for money the second I stepped off the bus (he was waiting at the bus stop) then proceeded to follow me and talk AT me whilst I was walking...I got off the 120 outside Cavendish and was walking to West Street Live...he walked with me all the way (to my annoyance). I had the homeless scouse guy ask if he should wait outside the shop for me (which I was actually only going IN because I wanted the guy to leave me alone). I was on my way to the bus stop outside McDonalds after band rehearsal and de-toured to avoid the homeless drunks fighting outside, THEN was asked for money by some guy claiming to be a rapper who'd started talking AT me and FOLLOWING me to the other bus stop...DURING MY DETOUR to AVOID SCROUNGERS - this kind of thing for pedestrians who rely on public transport is a real pain in the arse...once I was playing a gig, and every time I went outside to smoke the SAME homeless guy came up to me and asked for money...I avoid town like the plague unless I'm playing in the bands nowadays because of the CONSTANT harassment...
  3. It was a long time ago...can't we move on from it now? The expectation of the entire country to be involved and think about it, and forcing them to do so with the silence and poppy's...I mean, come on...give people the choice eh? Don't start lecturing them if they don't want to or feel no connection to it - what about the Boer War eh? When's the memorial for that one again...?
  4. What's the deal with the 120 pretty much only ever going to Ranmoor during the day now? I had to wait 45 minutes for one that went all the way to Fulwood the other week, whilst 3 or 4 120's that only went as far as Ranmoor went past...
  5. Sounds interesting...have you got any recordings anywhere? Also, what kind of age-range have you guys got?
  6. You still can't find a job (ANY job) at the end of it so what's the point in going?
  7. I'm a bassist after something new...I've been in a few bands before, but my most recent "main band" didn't work out so I'm looking for something new...I've got a real mixture of influences (from the Beatles to Joy Division to Melt-Banana to Metric to the Libertines...I'm not into metal though...) pm me? :-)
  8. HUGE Deerhoof and early Captain Beefheart fan here...I'm a bassist and I'm after a new band, send us a P.M. ;-)
  9. I went to Cosmo last month - never again...the chinese food was just tasteless wet beef, might as well have just poured water instead of sauce on it. The meat was VERY fatty...never going there again if I can avoid it.
  10. I've only been in once - but it's one of the few places in Sheffield which isn't full of noisy chavs or real-ale snobs...I'd go again, the music was loud like usual but at least they were playing proper music rather than dance rap <removed>...
  11. No email address dude...sounds interesting though. I'm a bassist... PM me...who are your influences? :-)
  12. Give us a bit more info dude...what kind of influences do you have? I'd like to join a band with an experimental/avant-garde twist...I'm a bassist btw...
  13. God...not the middle-aged-but-young-bodied real ale gang... :-( There's too many places that do that kind of thing at the moment, and through talking to half the real-ale snobs I've met I'd give the place a wide-birth if it became the kind of place that THOSE PEOPLE go to... Not all the people I've met are like that, and I admit I've never actually been to the Shakespeare - but still...those "stuck-up posh-snob" type of real-ale people drive me nuts...the LAST thing we need is another poncy real-ale place full of people who have sample tasters before actually ordering their bloody drink...
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