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A question regarding who and why are we not going to pot.

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Hemp, is the fast growing plant on the planet, is a good source of organic material for your still. Hemp also is stronger then Nylon. Hemp will also produce more paper per acre then Trees, and does it twice a year, in some climates, and more under certain conditions, with less pollution too. Not once every 40 or 50 years like trees. Hemp seed have oils that are finer then any we currently use. Hemp cloth is ten times stronger then cotton. And on and on.


So what happened in the 30's to change all that? International Harvester patented a Hemp Racking Machine that would cut the labour and hence the cost of production to a level where there would be no point in bothering with anything else but Hemp. Around the same time Dupont came up with Nylon but the new Hemp Rake would take all the profit out of their sail$.


About the same time Dupont also came up with a process to make paper from trees (at great expense to our waters). A guy you might have heard of, called Hearst owned acres an acres of Trees. He also owned most major Newspapers. Between Dupont, with their Gov't connections (Lobbies & dosh), and Hearst with his fear stories (look up the term "Yellow Journalism), they convinced 12 Men in the USA (Way and Means Committee) to put a ban on Hemp and thus ensured their profit£££££. 12 men, Not the USA Congress, Not "We The People", Not the Senate. Just a handful of Rich, Greedy Toadies.






With respect to the effects of cannabis, the Committee observed that:

The immediate effects of cannabis are characterized by feelings of euphoria, relaxation and sociability; they are accompanied by impairment of short-term memory, concentration and some psychomotor skills; and

Long term effects on cognitive functions have not been established in research.


The short term memory effect are very much like sitting in front of a TV (CRT) for a while. While studies have also shown a connection with TV and reproduction issues.


........Several other problems have also been observed in people who spend more than four hours a day in close proximity to an unprotected CRT: stress, headaches, irritability, insomnia, eye strain, eyesight decline, abnormal general fatigue, decrease in productivity and in the natural resistance of the immune system, decline in libido, disorders in the menstrual cycle, and hormonal disturbances.


Even more disturbing is the fact that exposure to PEMR appears to be one of the causes of decrease in spermatogenesis. In rats, it has been proven that after being exposed to the radiation of cathode ray tube screens at a prepubescent stage, their neuro-endocrine development was severely affected. Many adult rats ended up sterile and their secretion of melatonin was significantly reduced.........


So now you know the process that made it a very bad thing, leading to it being made illegal, and thus dangerous, leading to the WAR against a PLANT. Beware it could be growing in a secret plae near you. If so dial 999, do not touch it, go near it, as it is highly toxic, and makes some go mad.


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...EVERYONE HAS to agree that marijuana is the ONLY NATURAL form of 'illegal 'drug''...tome could argue that higher powers put it here FOR A PURPOSE. Every other 'drug' has to be processed...it is SYNTHETIC at best once whatever processed has occurred is finished. Argue about it being a 'crime' all you wish...was it was put here for a PURPOSE...


Others migh sugggest.........Drugs are tools, not toys. It just so happens like most people who know how to use their tools, they also have fun with them while they are being used properly. Not only do you have to understand your tools to use them correctly, you also have to understand what you're using your tools on... yourself, in this case.

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