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Motorhome hire help


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A word of warning: we hired a motor-home in Wales from a website which was an agency type of business. We wanted an external bike rack and the entry for the one we hired explicitly stated that there was one included. When we went to pick up the motor-home there was no bike rack and we had to resort to dismantling the bikes every day and storing them in the external cubby hole. So, check with the owners if you have any specific requirements.

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Thats really clever, I'm impressed :):):):)


I'm not. It's been done too often to have a shred of humour left in it.

This is a Forum for people to share experiences and help each other out, not a vehicle for someone's badly misplaced sense of their own importance.


To the OP, try some of the Motorhome forums. This is a good one, which I've used personally :




It's best to talk to other users first, as I've found out to my cost, having hired a motorhome which turned out to be pretty much of a disaster. Internet searches (which I did) will lead you to agencies which are quite often economical with the truth.

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