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  1. Yes, it,s still open, not sure of the opening hours tho.
  2. if they offer a package, for instance, 10 added years,it,s worth looking at,its a few years now since the council offered those packages tho.
  3. yes,you do lose out, it,s a percentage thing,if you are in the SYPensions,you can ask for youre figures,then contact them with youre questions,they are very helpful.
  4. that sounds like a brilliant idea, hope its still going when I finish, good luck.
  5. when suspended,he will have been told not to speak about it,and if so further disciplinary action would follow if did, I,m sure toby will have a very good brief on his case,
  6. Flint Brothers on machon bank, had a spell with them, around 1970 ish.
  7. barry keithley. jack, some of the best stories was at dunmow road, from tommy brady.
  8. if someone had wrote a book, it would have been a bestseller, happy days. ---------- Post added 03-10-2013 at 22:27 ---------- started not long after you raizuli3,hows it going mi owd friend,hope youre enjoying retirement.
  9. there was a vhs video made a few years ago at firth park wmc, I,m sure there must be one knocking about.
  10. got to agree with you, since being changed it,s garb, local radio should mean that, my radios on at 7.00am till 10.00am, toby,s brill.
  11. Brine tanks, they are not used in sheffield tho.
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