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Green tea..help

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To start with, don't have your water actually boiling like you do with black tea, as that will add a bitter edge to the tea flavour. A few degrees below boiling will reduce that bitter taste.


Then remember that you don't need quite as much green tea as you would use if you were brewing black tea, and that the flavour is not necessarily related to the resulting colour of the tea. You also don't need to stir the tea lots when brewing to bring out the flavour. With green tea just leaving it to steep is sufficient, and if you have large leaf tea, no more than 5 minutes' brewing is necessary. With small leaf tea, such as is used in teabags, even shorter than that is fine.


I drink green tea because I like it (particularly with jasmine petals) but then I drink tea without milk normally and also drink a lot of herb tea, so I'm not expecting my green tea to resemble PG Tips and I'm fine with a delicate and perfumed drink that doesn't have much colour.


If you are finding the flavour bitter then you're either using water that's too hot or you're brewing it for too long. I'd recommend going down to your local Chinese grocers and buying some green tea with jasmine and trying that brewed gently. If you can't get on with that then drink water, because nothing else will make green tea taste good to your palate :)

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