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  1. Where can I get a car wash thats decent but cheapish
  2. Looking for people who think they could sing in a tribute act....no experience required Private message only
  3. Does anyone have the phone number for this place Please? I've searched online but the only number I've found is unobtainable.
  4. Around 8.15 last night (New yrs eve) police in number of cars and riot van in attendance at a house. What happened?
  5. I find stores these days too big to walk around, esp when shopping too. The aisles are too long, the shelves too high and anyone with mobility problems don't stand much chance of an enjoyable shopping experience. Do other stores apart from asda have loan scooters? The new Ikea for example?
  6. where can men and women go for health checks, ie male protstate and female pap test free of charge in sheffield, without having to go to usual gp?
  7. Has anyone ever used lukes daddy Also known as "A-Z Building & Landscaping Services"? Would you recommend them or Not?
  8. What is he like in person? I've been told hes very rude. Is he really?
  9. My garden is a weeds paradise. I'm not in a position to dig them up nor is anyone I know so, it has to be weed killer reluctantly. What's the best of the cheaper brands? Also , my neighbour's cat goes on a wander via my garden. How do I stop the cat being hurt? Do I by law have to tell everyone who has a cat?
  10. Description Im looking for someone to join me on these such nights. I am female, sociable & reliable.I have a car & am a non smoker Prefer the same. Male or female around 50-60 yrs of age would be ideal. Im in sheffield Prepared to share car/and or costs
  11. For years i have dug up weeds from my garden and they still keep coming back. Does anyone have a good home made weed killer mix that i can make by the bucket load to get shut of them for good?
  12. Having paid a builder (so he said) from this forum £1500 upfront for materials, he's disappeared. Now I'm in limbo because not only is the job started by him, he's left it and it's a hazard waiting to happen. Because he took my money I'm now struggling to find extra to get the job finished. Does anyone of you lovely people know of any charities who help disabled people who are left in this predicament? Private replies only please ...thankyou for your time
  13. Is this still going on with all this rain?
  14. A friend of mine suffered a major stroke 18 months ago aged 54. It totally immobilised him. He is already walking about 200 yards daily and can cook and dress himself. All with time of course. Will he ever recover totally and is he likely to suffer another one similar? He is and was a non smoker and only a social drinker and not overweight . He had moderately high blood pressure but other wise fit and healthy
  15. Next doors cat sneaks into my house at any given chance an pees upstairs!!! I have to faff about trying to shut the door even when I'm carrying stuff to the bin. The cat sees me and waits for the door opening and it's in!!!! I'm dont even think I'll be able to have door open in the summer !! Any solutions anyone please?
  16. If you watch a vaper they suck on it like their life depends on it. Quite funny to watch really. Also the chavvy type with the huge plume of smoke swaggering thinkin hes the man lol
  17. Is there anywhere that i can buy sheffield themed wallpaper?
  18. Having recently had surgery, i was given a pre op assessment prior to surgery. Blood pressure, ecg, lung finction, bloods, weight, height,were all taken. is all that equivelent to having a full health check mot ?
  19. If there are 2 houses both purchased and mortgage free, can the owners just swap deeds over and houses instead of buying and selling first?
  20. Back to my op.. The aisles in the shops are too long. i cant walk all the way down one aisle, let alone a whole shop of them.when aisles had gaps half way where you could cut through to the next aisle, was just about managable for me. Sadly now i cant walk around a whole shop. i used to love shopping but now i do it all online. its not just seats that are needed but, shorter aisles and yes may be more aisles, but at least i could manage 2 or more aisles and buy more. Whereas now theyre not getting my custom.
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