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Notice for all Horsey owners


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I need to make people aware of my heartbreaking story and to make sure it never happens to you

my horses were living out in the field up at barlborough on the dual carriageway

On the 4th january some sick twisted person/persons decided to let my horses out on the dual carriageway in resulting of my kids pony being killed instantly

this has left my kids heartbroken as he was a christmas present

apparantly there is a white van driving about pinching barb wire to weigh in????????

also the gate was off its hinges

the only good thing was mac was killed instantly and no one was seriously injured they could have run other way onto motorway and caused carnage xx

And to make things worse my rug box was pinched as well so my horses havent got rugs



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I presume it was a car that hit your horse. I wonder who is responsible for the ensuing insurance claim?


What does it matter? - it's not really relevant to this post is it? I would've thought this is the last thing on the OPs mind after such an awful experience!! How insensitive :mad:

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That's horrible. As a horse owner I can't imagine the pain and anger you must be feeling.


A safety tip: I have the hinges on my gate placed so one faces down and the other up (it's a bit tricky to do) but then it does stop anyone lifting it off its hinges.

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