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  1. Unsure if it's the same cat but we found one (on Wednesday 23rd March) that (we presume) had been in a fatal RTA on Oldcotes Road - just outside Throapham. I was unable to pick it up myself so I had to enlist the help of a neighbour. I asked her for a description and she said that it was black with a white patch on its chest - she said that she thought it had no white on its face - however, sadly it was hard to tell as the poor little mite had suffered bad facial trauma. We took it to the vets and it was microchipped - female. The vets promised to call the owners promptly (they didn't) but I tracked them down myself by knocking on a couple of doors at Throapham. She was from Throapham and had been missing three weeks apparently - so sad for the poor baby. Has the black cat that you refer to been to visit you since?? Just seems coincidental with the markings and she had no collar on either. Foxy
  2. Most of my cats have had Metacam for one reason or another over the years and they never had any tests prior to taking it and were always fine. I do know that the vets always used to give cats the Metacam for dogs - as I believe there wasn't a specific one for cats. I do remember, however, when they introduced the Metacam for cats that my vet warned me to return if it made my cat sick...which it did. He was then put onto the Metacam for dogs and was fine. It was very bizarre!! Sorry for your loss Pussycat12.
  3. We got 2 feral kittens from a rescue - they were both timid but one was more timid than the other. We named her Cleo and the rescue said if there were any 'problems' or we decided we didn't want her then we could take her back to them. There was n o way this was going to happen but I got the impression she had been homed previously and been returned as they didn't say that about Tigger. I took her as well as she has white ears and needed an 'indoor' home out of the sun (and of course, I fell in love with her!) She lived in the back of our computer cupboard for 2 years - I kid you not!! We nicknamed her Cleo Computer cupboard kit and figured she would come round in her own time - we just didn't expect it to be this long. She eat in there - we put her a bed in there and she must've used the litter tray when we weren't about as we never saw her!! We decided to get rid of the desktop PC and so dismantled her beloved cupboard and kind of 'flushed her out' - she still hid for a while - but that really paid off as now (bearing in mind she is now 8 and we had her from being about 11 weeks old) she still gets a bit nervous and will hide if strangers come into the house - but any other time with people she knows ie, us and family she is absolutely perfect - soft as a brush and lays on us at night while we are vegging watching TV and comes up to our faces for kisses!! I would agree with the previous poster and just ensure that you don't 'force' them to interact with you - give them a place to hide and feel safe - tell the kids to leave them alone also until they come round a bit. Don't rush them - bit by bit they will come round and it will be so worth it for you all. Good luck.
  4. Hi everyone Has anyone got any recommendations for the above please? Thanks
  5. Does anyone know the best place to get the above at a decent price? Preferably box profile. New or used.
  6. Fraisthorpe beach at Bridlington is great - no dog restrictions and the beach is really nice. Car park is £2.50
  7. Or maybe they just know their neighbours well!!
  8. Can you not take your family pet with you when you emigrate??
  9. Andy who used to be at Oldcotes Garden Centre (he had the pet shop there) used to breed all his own birds. I think he has moved to Parkgate now. We bought our African Grey from him - he is a great guy and knows his stuff!
  10. Hi. Does anyone have any recommendations for a canine dermatologist? Has anyone used the dermatologist at Thurscoe vets? The steroids aren't as effective now for my big lads dust mite allergy and I wanted to look into immunotherapy for him. Thanks
  11. Thanks for your reply Jimmy but I have seen them advertised as digital aerials - hence my request and I'm sure most people will know what I mean.
  12. Can anyone recommend a company to fit one? Thanks
  13. Thanks for your reply echo. I'm struggling to comprehend why, if this company is so perfect..why I'm having problems with my windows. I must have faulty ones or the people who post (I also read reviews before I purchased! ) are connected to the company in some way. Silicone turning black isn't exactly a unique experience I wouldn't have thought!
  14. Good..I'm pleased for you and everyone that hasn't had problems but unfortunately I have! But thanks for your post.
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