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  1. I for one will definitely be voting to change from the 'strong leader' model, in favour of something more democratic and less dictatorial
  2. This is a massive development, which would forever change the character of the area and over-burden local infrastructure most specifically roads and schools. It will destroy what is fundamentally a rural area, within sight of Peak National Park, and is in my opinion wholly out of proportion. I can only assume/hope the figure of 350 houses is an 'opening gambit' and not a realistic proposal. A small, sensitive development of circa maximum 60-80 houses, could I believe resolve the problem of the disused refractory without destroying the area, but as ever money talks.
  3. It's not some figment of my imagination, it's going to happen unless SCC stop it. Bradfield Parish Council are objecting to it, and there's a local residents campaign being run, which is how I heard of it. You may think it's a great idea, you're entitled to your opinion, but making childish sweeping nonsense statements like the one above is neither helpful nor interesting.
  4. The decision is imminent and I'd expect if it gets the green light it will happen sooner rather than later. The driving range and the golf club are not connected. 8,500 lorries will effectively put the area out of bounds for walkers, cyclist horse riders etc. I doubt a vast man made mound will increase the value of any property, apart from the driving range
  5. Thanks for that, unfortunately you can't add comments to the portal now. You can however email marcus.young@sheffield.gov.uk the case officer dealing with it, and cc Principal Planning Officer adam.chapman@sheffield.gov.uk
  6. I've emailed the Principal Planning Officer and my would be Lib Dem MP. I only found out about it on Sunday, from locals who have started a campaign. There was a very similar application to dump at Hillsborough Golf Club, but that was turned down, looks like they've just moved across the road instead.
  7. It hasn't happened yet, but will do unless Sheffield's planning department puts a stop to it. I've tried to put a comment on the planning portal, but they've stopped any comments being added, so it's not looking good.
  8. Has anyone else heard about the imminent plans to dump 77,000 tonnes of spoil at Loxley Driving Range. It will involve circa 8,500 lorries over about 2 and half years, and will be an eyesore for miles around. The scheme is the 'brainchild' of Hague Plant Hire. How can something like this be allowed to happen in the Green Belt less than a mile from Peak Park?
  9. Business Sheffield run one every quarter. We usually have around 100 people, but the one in October was a biggy because we were celebrating our 20th networking event and there were nearer 200 at that. They're always free, they're very relaxed and we get great feedback . Ring 0114 224 5000 (although we haven't set a date yet for the next one but likely to be Feb time), and they'll get you on the system.
  10. Call Business Sheffield 0114 2245000. We have 1-2-1 advice and we also actually run a workshop called Employing people for the first time. Everything we do is FREE
  11. Yes those Venetian drains really are a disgrace aren't they
  12. I have astigmatism and a lazy eye ( same eye) the high street clinics wouldn't touch me. Had both eyes done at Sheffield Vision centre ( Hallamshire hospital) 5 yrs ago best money I ever spent. Not painful but the op is weird, then it's like your eyes are full of grit for several hours and you just need to lie down in a darkened room, and they stream. By the evening of the op the grittiness had gone and my sight was incredible. Takes several weeks for your eyesight to settle at where it's actually supposed to be, and there's some aftercare and do's and don'ts, but for me was well well worth it.
  13. Hi can anyone recommend someone to dry line a couple of bedroom walls onto existing plaster? Thanks
  14. I've signed and shared on social media some time ago
  15. I went to a friend's 10th or possibly 11th birthday party to rising sun pool in 1974 or 75. It was indoors but the whole of one side could be opened up so had an outdoor feel, and yes there was a diving board. We then had to walk back to my friends in Hathersage. We were knackered by the time we'd done.
  16. Yes I have some in Loxley S6, free to collect
  17. I live and keep my horse at Loxley. I really enjoy long hacks, but find most riders just want to go 'round he block'. If there's anyone out there who likes longer rides/hacking adventures I'd love to hear from you. My horse is very friendly and well behaved with other horses, good in traffic (but can be a bit spooky over boulders/sticks and other daft things, but nothing major) and doesn't get silly in company.
  18. 3 of my older sisters went there, early/mid 1950's and hated it. Vicious nuns, punitive punishments (and they'd only be tiny) altogether a horrible place. When they moved to Mylnhurst they were also way behind because the standard of teaching was crap. Apart from that, and the fact there isn't a blade of grass on the place, and the playground is the size of hanky, it's no doubt a lovely place!
  19. 1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato 4, 5 potato, 6 potato 7 potato more
  20. Dobby 123 done you ( a variation on hide & seek) go carts, building dens, roller skates, climbing trees, made-up assault courses, skateboards, shooting home made bows and arrows, stunt kites, damming streams, murder ( a combative game played on swings ) who could jump off swings at the highest point/go the furthest, sliding on cardboard sheets down steep banks, making fires, climbing the sheer face of the local quarry, fishing for sticklebacks and tadpoles, knocking on doors and running away, belonging to 'famous five' style clubs and 'investigating' crimes ( we were convinced a local man had murdered his wife at one bit, such was the over-excitability of our imaginations!) tiggy, on and off ground, looking after our imaginary horses, riding our bikes with bits of string for 'reins' and a variety of other made-up games which involved heavy use of our imaginations. Happy days indeed
  21. All mink in this country are indeed from fur farm escapees, but there was already an established population before any were released by animal rights activists ie they had escaped
  22. Make a few more posts, then pm me your number, and I'll arrange a time no problem. Cheers
  23. Yes you'll have to collect it yourself. I only mentioned trailer because you did, I haven't got a trailer. If you pm me your number I'll give you a call and arrange a time/date. Cheers
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