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  1. Absolutely unacceptable unless their was an emergency. I wouldn't put up with it . If I was at work I wouldn't be happy with my dogs waiting that long
  2. That's 4 dogs in 3 years this op has rehomed. Is no comment a comment!!
  3. I absolutely would not use Sprigfield at Richmond again.I used to , to my dogs detriment.Very patronising too! I am now at Peak Vets,yes thank you Helen Asquith ,though there is one Vet I wouldn't use there either.The rest are great with my dogs.Yes Greg isn't a people person but I have been very happy with the 6 ops my different dogs have had under his care
  4. It's at the school at Intake,can't remember what day though.?? Wednesday
  5. It's very sad but you will have some lovely memories of the great life you gave her. J
  6. Anyway back to the original subject re tags,only the 3 that don't lose them have them on,they all have my mobile number on their collars.I use a company called Tuff Stuff. They are all microchipped.The mobile was very usefull 3 weeks ago when my old Spaniel went AWOL chasing a bird!
  7. Hyper drug are half the price of vets.Fipronil is cheaper than Frontline.I get a pack of 6 for dogs 5K +, £19
  8. I know someone who is very patient,I wouldn't use that place again either my Old Spaniels were very stressed going there.Helen is mobile and her website is furfur away
  9. :cool:Mm folks reading this with interest as my house always seems to have a ' certain pong ' about the place.
  10. It's very sad I have personal experience x2, if you think she is happy enjoy and love her while you can, if you think she is in pain ,take that last trip with her.
  11. Can certainly rom mend Phil Jackson who helped me with various problems with my 6 dogs
  12. It's easier to have a go at Rescues rather than deal with guilt of rehoming eh!
  13. Oh so good to read,I have 3 older dogs and know my days with my Springer Louis are a bonus. Having lost a Springer Oscar that I never had enough time for until the lazy 3 years of his life this is so true.I am not at work so much now and enjoy everyone so much more
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