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  1. thorphanger

    new football ground at meadowhead

    Land south of Bochum Parkway is farmland and needs to stay that way.
  2. thorphanger

    Bochum Parkway speed limit

    There are two very well used public footpaths one of which crosses over the parkway from Cinderhill Lane. There is also a lane which Farm vehicles and cars turn into and the speed vehicles come up behind you possibly not believing you are indicating to turn down this lane. As someone else said there is a nursery turn off and a Special school turn off too. Quite obviously the reason it is 40mph on this stretch of road.
  3. thorphanger

    Missing cat possibly stolen/dumped

    Do hope you get your little cat back soon.
  4. thorphanger

    Being called sweetheart and petal.

    I think it's lovely when you are called these names. People in Sheffield call you, love, sweetheart, darling etc. What is wrong with a bit of kindness and nice name calling. People aren't being funny it's very much a Yorkshire and Sheffield habit and long may it continue in my opinion.
  5. thorphanger

    New home needed for a berieved goose

    What about getting him a friend and letting him stay with you.
  6. Do hope you find your rabbit. Maybe if you leave out some favourite food near her hutch.
  7. thorphanger

    Views on the budget.

    No mention of the budget on the forum. What's happening?
  8. thorphanger

    Puppy needed for autistic son

    Not a lover of staffiies but would definitely say a Labrador retriever would be brilliant for an autistic child. They are boisterous as pups but so intelligent and learn everything so quickly. They adore children in my experience and are so gentle with them. Our labradors love the children and follow them around and interact with them and give the whole family such affection. Best dogs in the world in my opinion. Hope this helps and best of luck.
  9. thorphanger

    Letter from Australia #5

    Brilliant post. How brave you were to take that massive step. It sounds as if you have never regretted it. We have family in Australia and hopefully one day we will get to go there.
  10. Totally agree with you. Shopping for a family buying healthy fruit and vegetables needn't cost a fortune. Cooking decent meals. So many people just can't be bothered and find it easier to give their children and themselves fast food. A couple of packets of crisps. Chocolate etc. Is it any wonder people are piling weight on.
  11. Love the fact they haven't cut the verges. Great for the bees and other insects. Wish they would get it cut now though as so many of the verges are full of ragwort which is a very poisonous plant for horses and grazing animals and obviously will be seeding soon filling grassland with this horrible weed.
  12. thorphanger

    Aircraft over jordanthorpe

    It was amazing wasn't it. It flew around Norton twice and we were all waving like loonies as it passed right overhead.
  13. thorphanger

    Norton Retail Park - St James

    The graffiti yobs have already started on the new shopping centre. Why when you have a new shopping centre which is actually quite attractive would you want to make it look a mess. Really are lower life forms.
  14. thorphanger

    Should Corbyn ignore the smears against him?

    Corbyn should answer ALL the smears against him. They are so numerous it defies belief that he is able to continue in his position without some sort of investigation.
  15. thorphanger

    H&M racist advert

    Completely agree with you on this. The people who see it as a problem are the racists.

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