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Looking for a short but steep hike


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Me and a friend really need to get some hill walking in before winter closes in as we're doing the Y3P again in April :loopy:


We're putting the long distance miles in seperately as we're at opposite ends of Sheffield so when we walk together we try and make it short & steep as my friend has to arrange childcare. Ideally we don't want to be walking for more than 3.5 hours, so we're looking for something nearby but with a really good hill.


We did Mam Tor early December and we had a good slog up Derwent Edge a few weeks back so we're trying to arrange the next get-together at the moment.


Any suggestions?

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3.5 hours thats not a walk.you could do that around the asda


Well it's the best we can do with busy workloads and family commitments.

Still better than sitting on our backsides like most people do!


Anywho, she's managed to free up some extra time and we're going to do Kinder Scout first weekend in Feb (weather permitting) :)

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Climb Win hill, drop down to Hope via Twitchhill farm then up Lose hill, there's no climb like the one up Lose hill, it's knackering. :hihi:


graet walk and if you climb winn hill from the dip near ladybower it probably the steepest short climb in the peaks,steeper than kinder but obviously shorter.

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I do, but my friend is a bit of a newbie so if it's looking dodgy we won't even attempt it.


I will guide you guys up there if you want :)


The best sharp short walk you could do is, climb up Win Hill from Yorkshire Bridge... if that doesn't take your breath, nothing will.

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