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Failure of System restore


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I was trying to restore because our broadband was playing up and I messed around with settings so trying to take it back(mainly because I can't remember what I changed). What are 'bad sectors'?? I ran Malwarebytes and they didnt find anything - if that means anything at all

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I am trying to do a system restore but it keeps coming back restore failure - try another restore point - I have tried several and it still isn't working.

What you need to do is start the computer in safe mode,what is happening is a running program,could be a silent running one,is stopping the process.I have run system restore in safe mode and got rid of some right nasties,tool bars, pop ups etc.

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Try system restore from safe mode.


Restart the computer and continually tap F8 until you reach the Advanced boot options menu. Choose safe mode and run system restore from there.


Alternatively, use the Windows recovery environment (Vista, Win 7 - If available). Again, restart the computer and continually tap F8 until you reach the Advanced boot options menu. Choose Repair My Computer. From the System Recovery Options, choose system restore.


If the Repair My Computer option isn't available, use you Installation/Recovery media.




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System restore may also fail if you have a Symantec/Norton product installed.



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I have run a command prompt and it said corrupt files were found and successfully repaired but still luck with the system restore. We are having problems with broadband which keeps disconnecting which I know is nothing to do with the system restore but it all seemed to happen at the same time.

I have tried putting my os disc which came with the computer in but it just wanted to install and didn't give me an option to repair!

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System restore can be quite unreliable, If quite a few changes have been made since the restore point was created, ie programmes uninstalled and things like that, then the restore can fail.


If you've got running problems create another account and see if that runs ok. If it does, then simply back up all your files, delete the other account and use the new one, name can be changed back to yours. Files only need to be backed up to somewhere on the "C" drive so you don't lose them.

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