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Lost Jack Russell - Shiregreen


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We lost our Jack Russell on 27th when she escaped from the garden.

Her name is Maddy.

She has a white coat with black patches on her back and head.

She is a young pup around a year old.

Her tail is long.

She is not wearing a collar and she is not microchipped.

She has been neutered.

She escaped from our home in Shiregreen S5, although by now she could have wandered further.

She is not dangerous, but is very playful and fussy.

If anyone has any info or sees her, please could you take her in and contact Steve Murray on 0114 2464249.

Thank You.

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Eek, must be worrying for you. These little escape artists have a habit of chasing creatures beyond their boundary and a 4ft fence couldn't keep my Jack Russell in.


My fella finds his way back normally once he is hungry or bored but he has been picked up once before and nearly sent to the pound. Try the dog charities or the police and put up signs on lamp posts nearby. She might not be far away and hope you find her.

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Yesterday round about 12o'clock (27/12/12) our young Jack Russell called Maddy escaped from the garden in Shiregreen. She has been missing ever since. Can people in and around the Shiregreen please keep an eye out for her and please get in touch if found. She is only small, white fur with large black spots on her back and head, and a long tail. She is only round about a year old and very playful and loves a good fuss.


Contact mr_s_murray@yahoo.co.uk if found. (07734 489969)

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If you have not already done so, please ring straight through to the Dog Kennels at Spring Street. 0114 2726758. They will tell you there and then if a Dog of that description has been handed in. I lost my Dog on the 23rd and he was found to be there.

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