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Student discount at Apple

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Looking to buy an iPad in a couple of week with the Jan sales, and I've tried to look at prices by going through my Uni on the site, but it says I needed to be connected to their server or something.


Does anyone know how much it is? And will they accept just my student card?


I've never ever bought anything from the Apple store before.

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If you buy from the online education store, you need to do it from your university.

If you buy from a real life Apple Store, such as Meadowhall, you need your student card and one other form of ID such as a drivers licence.


The discount is 12% or if your uni is part of the Apple on Campus scheme, 17%. Accessories are usually 6%. AppleCare is 17%.

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Save yourself upto 50% and buy an Android equivalent.


Or waste 50% of the cost of an iPad by buying an android tablet, realising how crap they are and how they have no resell value and then buy an iPad.


If you want an iPad, buy an iPad, don't buy a droid, you WILL be disappointed. If you cant afford the full price, buy an iPad Mini.


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You can still get a discount withe Apple by going here: http://store.apple.com/uk/browse/home/education_routing


Select college and you will see the discounts.


Tip for you and everyone else, you can buy apple products there with the discount online and you don't have to prove you are a student ;)

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The iPad wasn't originally available with an education discount. It is now.


When I try it, I get a discount from £399 to £399. Doesn't seem a good deal to me.


What am I doing wrong?

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Woah, people, I just wanted to know the discounts - Thanks everyone who's told me about the discount, unfortunately I have to be on the Hallam Uni network to access the student shop. I'll be nipping in to uni for something before then so I'll check :)


- I don't want this being a bickering thread, Android this, Apple that. I've got an Android phone, it's smashing, I like the iPad, and I'll just be using it for games and such, something I can have with me whilst I'm bored at uni instead of running the phone down. Money isn't an issue for me - besides, I like iPads :)

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