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Sheffield top stars


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Some of you will remember the pop newspaper published by the Sheffield Star.

Some of you were probably in it from time to time.

Does anyone know if it is possible to find this newspaper online anywhere, in any archive?

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I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Star destroyed the archive some years ago, thinking it was no longer of interest. I could be wrong.


I collected quite a few but my mother outed it all when I left home. Wonder whether anyone collected the whole lot and still has it, that would be good. All the Sheffield bands of yesteryear. Memory Lane, trip down :)

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It's amazing what we lose for various reasons - I collected Superman comics in the fifties. When I went to see my mam in the seventies she said she had thrown out all the comics and annuals!


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i the 60s i remember going to the the black swan i think the lanlord was a guy called terry steeples i used to go there nd watch the entertainment he put on i remember seeing Joe Cocker there Frank White and many more it was a great place to go



Me too AND I just saw Joe Cocker in concert last week :)

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