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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-50730052 RIP
  2. It was owned by the Stocks family who lived in the house up behind it when it was a petrol station in the 1960's
  3. You need to take advice from a building surveyor/engineer and engage an architect to draw up plans to submit a planning application first of all. Regulations are very stringent and require an integrated fire alarm system throughout the property and fire doors on all rooms (not just in the loft conversion). It can be done but it's not a cheap or simple undertaking, good luck!
  4. My pal Pete Goodyear's mother worked at the Mary Gentle cafe and used to leave a shilling on a Thursday so me and Pete could run down from the City Grammar School and have a "six of chips" each on a Friday lunchtime. That would be in 1959/60. Never gave a thought as to why it was called that, presumably owned by a Catholic family?
  5. The entire contents were sold yesterday at an auction on site, sad to see an original railway hotel gone, the stone over the door is engraved "Station Hotel Abbeydale", suppose that will end up in a skip when they knock the old place down and build much needed unaffordable executive apartments. Great pity.
  6. It's also illegal, assuming United get crowds of more than 1,000 spectators! The aircraft must not be flown: over or within 150 metres of any congested area over or within 150 metres of an organised open-air assembly of more than 1,000 persons;
  7. Allan, A bit late to be wishing her luck, she took over in 2004 according to he date of her post!
  8. Botanical gardens? If weather is good outside, if not in side the glass houses. They have some interesting "Flags of the Nations" bedding displays outside the glass houses at the moment. I'd post a picture of them but I can't figure out how to! Good luck with the shoot Don
  9. Just driven up Woodseats for the first time in ages and see Venture Studio has closed. Not seen anything on here about it, when did it go? Not too surprised, they were well overpriced.
  10. I saw them at the Mojo Club 30th May 1965, still remember that night, awesome performance, wish I'd picked up some of the bits of the smashed guitar though! Thanks to the poster of the link to the gig list, I often wondered when it was.
  11. I bought my Fuji gear from the Fuji Refurbished Shop, could be the answer if you can't get anyone else to go in with you and they are indistinguishable from new: http://shop.fujifilm.co.uk/lenses/refurbished-lenses Cheers Don
  12. I think you all need to pay more attention, Nick has been here many times during the past couple of years, has held two public question and answer sessions, one in Ecclesall and on in Totley and made several visits in support of the campaign to save Totley library. He is no stranger to his constituency here in Sheffield but his visits are often at short notice for security reasons.
  13. I suggest you have the budgets the wrong way around (and probably not enough), the band will be with you for a couple of hours, your photographs are memories for ever. Think about it! Best wishes for your wedding and a happy life together.
  14. From her "About" page on Facebook: email address: sophiascakeboutique@hotmail.co.uk
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