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  1. I've received notification from the Planning Department that the developers are going to appeal. No surprise there, then!
  2. Don't mention it, always glad to help. Would I lie about something like this, that could be a matter of life or death? *tuts*
  3. I think you're skating on thin ice now. Not on this thread yet, but people are being rebuked on other threads for bickering and abuse. I strongly advise you to let this personal abuse lie, you're just making yourself look silly.
  4. You wuss! It's just a little death's head crab spider ... Watch out though, they go for the throat, and they're like lightning!
  5. Why come onto a thread and start picking on me personally about a totally unrelated topic? Making uninformed guesses about me and my political affiliations, etc. There's a sticky at the start of every section about invasion of privacy. And we've all seen the mods/admin posting about bickering as well, and yet you can't leave it alone. Give it a rest, eh? Either discuss the topic, or shut up! Just a suggestion ...
  6. Please take this in the spirit it's posted, it's said with a good heart. That graphic post has made me feel so sad for the child-you. You must be an exceptional person to have been able to organise yourself as you describe. I know that whatever you've achieved since won't make those early years feel any better when you relive them, and maybe they contain some sad memories, but you're ok now, yes? Do you think that getting input from an organisation like Save the Children would have made a difference to things? Or would your parents have continued to muddle through and do their own thing and more or less leave you to paddle your own canoe?
  7. Accommodation Facilitator? After all, why not use two words when one would do?
  8. Would that be because, being the 'victors' we had to help them get back on their feet after the war ended? Because we'd borrowed loads of money from the USA, including a load of worn out old rust buckets they sold us most of which weren't even seaworthy and that cost us money to scrap? Because we only just finished paying them back a few years ago? Because we pay more towards the running of EU in comparison to our size and population than anyone else? In fact, because collectively the UK has 'MUG' tattooed on its metaphorical forehead? Just a thought ...
  9. Why have they left Lorenzo in the house? I wonder if they're going to make him choose the second evictee tonight ... that would be be beyond evil, wouldn't it?
  10. I did? There's a forum saying about 'discuss the post and not the poster'? And another, 'it's better to keep silent and be thought a fool, than to post and remove all doubt' Two maxims you might usefully adhere to in future? Thanks medusa, so I guess that my post on the London birthrate thread replying to boyfriday's uninformed assumptions was removed because I compared his recent postings to that of another well established troll. Sadly I was not given the further opportunity to disabuse him of his mistaken ideas because although his post remained, mine was deleted and the thread closed by the time I came back from work. My bad, obviously. I'll remember for next time.
  11. On here, even if people aren't disagreeing in a bad way, if certain subjects are attempted to be discussed, they disappear. People spend time looking stuff up, finding links, crafting a line of discussion, bend over backwards to be fair, and come back several hours later to find it's all been deleted. Everything has to be all pink fluffy bunnikins, all for the best in the best of all possible worlds on this forum.
  12. At first, they all fell for her because, of course, all old ladies are sweet and kind and unselfish, aren't they? Even the diva herself, the Queen of Soaps. Harvey and Ashley were even calling her Nanna! So she made a place for herself where it was unthinkable that she would be nominated. Coleen was mourging about with a face like a slapped backside. The two glamour girls were keeping the boys occupied and upsetting them so they were all crying on Nanna Jools shoulder. Once the younger girls were out, and the clouds of testosterone lifted, they suddenly realised that she was gossiping away behind their backs and taking the mick, and now she's everything that's evil! So amusing.
  13. What woman? Coleen can't go tonight, she's not been nominated. It's Lorenzo, Martin and Julie tonight. I'm getting to be an expert on CBB, never even watched it before this series, and you can blame Dog the Bounty Hunter for getting me interested
  14. Ermmm, it isn't? Well, tis if you want someone worth having And if you're not PHAT, better hope that you have an amazing personality Another double eviction, isn't it? I think Julie will stay ... even if only to make Colleen look bad.
  15. Aren't men envious of better looking men, taller men, fitter men, sexier men? They may pretend they're not, but it's only human nature. I was never jealous of other girls when I was young because I had no need to be, but now I think youth is wasted on the young, and, oh yes, I envy them! Although Danica was living proof that you don't need to be pretty to enthrall people. And, imo, if she'd been a little less overt about it, she'd still be in the BB house. Who's going tonight then? Lorenzo and Martin?
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