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  1. I remember them well. I lived on Moorsyde Crescent almost directly opposite the Ludlams 🙂
  2. I remember Mike Ormiston. Manager of the big press shop
  3. Vern and Wyn Hookway at the(Not) Original Grindstone in the 60's
  4. I spent a few months in the 1500 ton Press shop
  5. Pretty sure there were Palfreymans living around Crookes Terminus
  6. Don't forget Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, and the Everly Brothers, All in the 50's. Gaumont and City Hall
  7. Used to go in Rippon's regularly on a Saturday night with "the Lads" after we'd been out on the town. Used to dine in the back room. Chips, fishcake, mushy peas and gravy If I remember right Joe had kind of a latch eye, and it was rumored he used to be a bit of a wrestler. "Mrs Rippon" use to treat us like we were her kids.
  8. Does anyone remember Joe playing at the Prince of Wales on Division Street 1967. The small room was upstairs and the place was so packed they opened the windows and crowds stood in the street (Westfield Terrace) with pint pots in hand listening to the show
  9. well sorry, drawing a blank on the name ---------- Post added 11-10-2017 at 16:20 ---------- I have a photo of a whole bunch of women but I looked and it was the Assembly dept.
  10. Do you know which dept. she worked in
  11. So your Mother was working there ?
  12. If I did I don't remember :-)
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