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Peugeot 306 coupe advice need

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:help::help::huh:Hi I have just bought a second hand peugeot 306 coupe and the hood won't work, I have replaced the car battery with a brand new one and the bloke said it needed a new battery in the key. and it still won't work any advice would be much appreciated thanks. :help: Edited by Janice P
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This is a very common fault with 206 cc's especially ones made before 02.


If this is a car you havent had for long you may not be familiar with the routine. If you are then its likely to be a problem with the car and should be easily fixed.


You have to have the windows down and use the roof switch to close the roof. Then you can use window switch to close windows, but I am guessing that this is when you get the beeping so Try pushing upwards and inwards (you will need 2 people so 1 can do this whilst other uses roof switch) on the part where the interior roof ctaches are, as ometimes the lil chip inside comes loose so the roof assumes it isn't fully closed. Another thing to look at is therubbers surrounding the rear of rthe roof, check it hasnt come loose.

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Yes it was a private sale and yes he did make the roof work but he had to pull it as he said it had the wrong size battery in the engine and the key fob needed a new battery. I bought a brand new £50 battery and a battery for the key. BUT this then didn't work so I have been on loads of websites and got an exact remedy off a kindly gentleman off preloved who told me how to reset the hood winder that is in the boot and hey presto it's working. but thanks for the suggestions and if anyone else comes across this problem I can save them loads of money as I was told it would cost between £400-£600 at peugeot dealers.

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