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  1. littlebasher

    Swallownest advice

    Park Drive is fine, only a few not so nice parts and they're not around there
  2. littlebasher

    Blue Badge parking

    Or perhaps those people sitting in their cars arrived early for an appointment, for exactly the reason you're unhappy about. If i have to go to the Hallamshire or Northern, i give myself 90 mins extra factoring in parking problems. If i get lucky and find a space straight away, i'd be sat in my car as well.
  3. littlebasher

    Flat roof options

    So, there seems to be 3 different roofing options that people talk about these daysFibreglassRubber (EPDM)Mineral feltSo what's the best way to go for a 40m^2 flat roof? I'd have preferred to replace it entirely with a pitched roof, but due to my garages proximity to the boundary that's not an option.I'm assuming that half of the boards will need replacing as well, thanks to the persistent leak that i can't stop no matter how many different repair liquids i put up there!Anyone had their roof replaced recently, so i can get an idea of cost and options?
  4. littlebasher

    Flat roof options

    Unfortunately the garage walls form the property line on two sides. If I went for a pitched roof, parts of it would be overhanging their land!
  5. littlebasher

    'Value' Graphics cards

    Thought i'd put this out there I'm well out of touch with PC components these days, but what's the current thinking on sub £100 GPU's? Building a replacement machine for my son, and he likes to do mild gaming on it (Fortnite) - but by the looks of it (and presumably thanks to bitcoin mining), prices on even older cards seem to be stupid! Was expecting to find to find something like a 1050ti for less than a hundred quid - seems i was deluded! Thoughts?
  6. littlebasher

    'Value' Graphics cards

    Found a GTX960 for not a lot of money. Benchmarks suggest it's similar in performance to a 1050ti - time will tell Thanks for the input!
  7. littlebasher

    'Value' Graphics cards

    Was hoping for something with slightly more grunt like a 1050ti or a GTX 970 Probably delusional though to expect to find them for < £100 !
  8. littlebasher

    Cash only house sales

    More likely means that nobody is prepared to lend a mortgage on it - is it of non standard construction ?
  9. I've seen a few (in various states of disassembly) advertised for sale on Facebook! And there was at least one on the back of a scrap wagon i spotted the other day.
  10. littlebasher

    The IKEA in Sheffield thread

    Just one observation that will help my fellow Sheffielders The chips in the restaurant are overcooked and are really rather horrible That is all, as you were.
  11. littlebasher

    Stocksbridge Railway Line

    They do, which is why they've electrified the route
  12. littlebasher

    Cabin air filter: where to buy in Sheff.

    Eurocarparts, just find the local branch on their website
  13. Right then! Where abouts in this fine city can I find someone who can rebuild the spoked wheels of my motorbike?
  14. There's a 400 space car park beneath Griffin house, so that's potentially 400 odd cars that need parking facilities within easy reach of the new building.
  15. Woohoo, can't wait for HSBC to move to the new retail quarter..... Why would i miss the old building, with it's masses of parking and ease of access so i can go work down the Moor with nowhere to park and crap roads surrounding it. Still, probably be a Greggs underneath it Inspired
  16. littlebasher

    Running car on cooking oil

    If it's a recent common rail - forget it, you'll destroy the fuel pump. Old school diesels, especially those with Bosch fuel pumps are usually fine with it. Plenty of info on Diesel Bob's website IIRC
  17. Sounds like it's too good to just scrap! I'm any case, scrap you'll get < £100 and likely see it on here a week later with a MOT for £600 !
  18. littlebasher

    Building Work Sheffield Parkway

    Is it my imagination, or does the planned Burger King look more like a car park than a restaurant?
  19. Have you checked for any covenants or loss of permitted development restricting you from converting the garage? I thought there were restrictions these days on some newer properties, since the loss of the garage would in essence reduce your available parking.
  20. littlebasher

    What could be wrong with my car?

    08 Scenic still has value - if it's served you well up to now, sometimes it's better the devil you know.. Petrol or Diesel? No check emissions message on dash? A stuck brake caliper could cause the problems you describe. I assume it's got an electric handbrake and there's no warnings from that? If it were me i'd rule that out first by jacking up each wheel and making sure they spin freely.
  21. littlebasher

    Turkish Lira before Monday.

    Last time i went, the locals were more interested in Euros than the local currency. I personally wouldn't bother with Lira again.
  22. littlebasher

    Purchased item on internet

    If it's the HP laptops, that was all over Hot UK Deals - people were buying them in their hundreds. I guarantee none will be delivered!
  23. littlebasher

    Strawberry picking 2016

    Tickhill farm
  24. Indeed, some of us are developers there....

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