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  1. Will make no difference, especially at this time of year.
  2. In the short term, I reckon they should demolish it and have it as a large open paved area. It sits in the middle (literally) of most of the Heart of the city projects, and lets be honest - I doubt they find any retail use for that building.
  3. Currys are normally pretty good on resolving issues with Ebay purchases Clearly they've made a **** up, i'm sure they'll send you a replacement without too much hassle
  4. Finally someone has seen sense. Never understood why they didn't include that link road in the first place, will make a massive difference,
  5. I find it hard to fathom the changes to the West Bar roundabout. The traffic has always been mad coming down Tenter street and feeding on to the roundabout. It's always been the case that this roundabout in particular, is dangerous for cyclists to cross, not helped by idiots using the left turn lane to go straight across and down Corporation street. My desk used to look over the roundabout, and I've seen countless incidents of cyclists being hit by cars when trying to cross it. Do the council really think their 'Dutch Style' plan is going to help the situation where the roundabout is always (more or less) a free for all. If they really want to change that roundabout, how about making it one lane coming up to the roundabout and two lanes going across it from Tenter street.
  6. I assume the new limit is also for air quality reasons. They're about to build yet more houses on the field next to Morrisons, not sure i'd enjoy living in a house that backs directly onto the Parkway!
  7. I live there, no issues, IMO a good area. But like everywhere, some parts are nicer than others
  8. Rather they spent the ££££££ they intend to throw at this at something useful, like a tram up to the Hallamshire
  9. The whole scheme is an embarrassment, it's not solving anything. How will that improve traffic heading up the A628 through Hollingworth or Tintwistle. If they can't do it right first time, why even bother doing it at all
  10. This I just want to see everything in the order which it was added, just like it used to be (when people used it)
  11. They can loiter for hours, whereas the helicopter had to go and refuel regularly. Good to see a police presence back in the sky. Since SYP did away with their helicopter, I've hardly seen once since
  12. You're lucky they spotted it at this stage - My solicitor discovered a similar issue after we had completed ! I owned the front half of the house and the bottom half of the garden - but nothing in between. All was sorted after about 18 months, with the crown and LR deciding amongst themselves that i could have full title (rather than the adverse possession that looked likely)
  13. Park Drive is fine, only a few not so nice parts and they're not around there
  14. Or perhaps those people sitting in their cars arrived early for an appointment, for exactly the reason you're unhappy about. If i have to go to the Hallamshire or Northern, i give myself 90 mins extra factoring in parking problems. If i get lucky and find a space straight away, i'd be sat in my car as well.
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