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  1. This I just want to see everything in the order which it was added, just like it used to be (when people used it)
  2. They can loiter for hours, whereas the helicopter had to go and refuel regularly. Good to see a police presence back in the sky. Since SYP did away with their helicopter, I've hardly seen once since
  3. You're lucky they spotted it at this stage - My solicitor discovered a similar issue after we had completed ! I owned the front half of the house and the bottom half of the garden - but nothing in between. All was sorted after about 18 months, with the crown and LR deciding amongst themselves that i could have full title (rather than the adverse possession that looked likely)
  4. Park Drive is fine, only a few not so nice parts and they're not around there
  5. Or perhaps those people sitting in their cars arrived early for an appointment, for exactly the reason you're unhappy about. If i have to go to the Hallamshire or Northern, i give myself 90 mins extra factoring in parking problems. If i get lucky and find a space straight away, i'd be sat in my car as well.
  6. Unfortunately the garage walls form the property line on two sides. If I went for a pitched roof, parts of it would be overhanging their land!
  7. So, there seems to be 3 different roofing options that people talk about these daysFibreglassRubber (EPDM)Mineral feltSo what's the best way to go for a 40m^2 flat roof? I'd have preferred to replace it entirely with a pitched roof, but due to my garages proximity to the boundary that's not an option.I'm assuming that half of the boards will need replacing as well, thanks to the persistent leak that i can't stop no matter how many different repair liquids i put up there!Anyone had their roof replaced recently, so i can get an idea of cost and options?
  8. Found a GTX960 for not a lot of money. Benchmarks suggest it's similar in performance to a 1050ti - time will tell Thanks for the input!
  9. Was hoping for something with slightly more grunt like a 1050ti or a GTX 970 Probably delusional though to expect to find them for < £100 !
  10. Thought i'd put this out there I'm well out of touch with PC components these days, but what's the current thinking on sub £100 GPU's? Building a replacement machine for my son, and he likes to do mild gaming on it (Fortnite) - but by the looks of it (and presumably thanks to bitcoin mining), prices on even older cards seem to be stupid! Was expecting to find to find something like a 1050ti for less than a hundred quid - seems i was deluded! Thoughts?
  11. More likely means that nobody is prepared to lend a mortgage on it - is it of non standard construction ?
  12. I've seen a few (in various states of disassembly) advertised for sale on Facebook! And there was at least one on the back of a scrap wagon i spotted the other day.
  13. Just one observation that will help my fellow Sheffielders The chips in the restaurant are overcooked and are really rather horrible That is all, as you were.
  14. They do, which is why they've electrified the route
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