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  1. Radio edits have been made of many songs for years now - so they can even get played at all.
  2. Other than some BBC4 and Sky Arts music, art and architecture documentaries and the odd movie on Talking Pictures TV (often good) or the Horror Channel (offer not good!) and some Channel 4 News and some US car restoration shows I think I switch over most everything. I tend to leave the TV on mute and listen to music and scroll through the channels on the remote occasionally to see if I catch something worth turning up the volume on. 😁 Most presenter types infuriate me and programmes that could be interesting are spoiled by them - and the corny way they are packaged to attract casual viewers. I don't worry about ensuring that I see something now. If I do, fine. If not, also fine. Life's too short.
  3. Possibly my favourite interpretation of this song, by the great Dakota Staton.
  4. Records, CDs (we've a couple of two-channel systems set up), internet radio on the Android tablet, podcasts, flac and 320k rips of out of print stuff from the net. CDs and cassettes in the car. No streaming services, bluetooth, home cinema malarky.
  5. I'd a few near misses regarding people who are no longer with us. Nina Simone was sold out so I couldn't get a ticket. Ali Farka Toure. Had the tickets but my ex- had a row with me and I ended up not going. Charles Bradley. Unfortunately, he died this year and I could have seen him in 2015. Betty Carter. I had a chance to see her in '98 and she died a year later. I didn't like the venue and procrastinated and didn't go. Could kick myself for that. Only one of the best singers ever. I'm glad I did manage to see Gil Scott-Heron, Jimmy Smith and Sharon Jones (who we met afterwards and she was a great person). So gutted that she passed. Oh, and Donna Summer but that was at the Royal Albert Hall and I like small gigs. And Anita Baker. She's still with us but has retired. I saw Marlena Shaw 10 years ago and I suspect she has retired as well. Just remembered - Desmond Dekker - saw him in '88. If I could see anyone no longer with us, Sarah Vaughan or Esther Phillips would be right up the list. Also Curtis Mayfield, Otis Redding, Mavin Gaye, Lorez Alexandria, Linda Jones, Lorraine Ellison and loads more.
  6. I haven't worn one in about a decade. I used to really like them - got a Seiko digital chronograph in 1977 and an analogue Seiko Sports 100 in 1983. Then I was given a nice Tag Heuer in the late 90's. Not long after I bought a plastic digital Timex with a nylon for a holiday and ended up wearing it more that the Tag. Then I got a cheap Citizen duo-display and finally gave up. I don't think I really like wearing watches, bracelets and rings. Always trying not to scratch things with them or gouge the watch on something...
  7. meat fake fingernails television patio heaters alcohol twitter the Bible & Koran The Guardian selfie sticks fancy coffees tomato ketchup energy drinks 'classic rock' grime Amazon
  8. Yes, they do but I don't. In fact I don't even like people who do like winter. It's cold, wet, dank, things rust, rot, turn green and seize up. It will snow, it will be stormy; cars slide off the road, trees fall on poor sods driving home and they're killed. Also Christmas. A chronic dose of human aggression, impatience, selfishness, gluttony, debt, waste and stupidity. People who enjoy this nonsense should have it 24/7 while the rest of us enjoy eternal summer.
  9. I much prefer to buy offline but price and availability often dictate what I do. I wouldn't buy groceries online but things that are important to me like records generally have to come through the post. I'd much prefer to be able to visit the shops. Clothes are a gamble buying online as I'm a XXL in a shirt and 11 1/2 in shoes.
  10. Dave Bartholomew who recorded in his own right as well as collaborating with Fats Domino is 98 going on 99. Dave Bartholomew - The Monkey (Speaks His Mind) Lloyd Price is still with us; a few months younger than Little Richard Lloyd Price - Lawdy Miss Clawdy (produced Dave Bartholomew) Art Rupe, the boss of Specialty, the label who released many of Lloyd Price' and Little Richard's famous sides is still alive to, at 100.
  11. Don't agree about Soap. It was a great show. The spin-off Benson wasn't too hot. 'Fairly Secret Army' (Ch4, mid-80's) starring Geoffrey Palmer ('Butterflies'). He plays a right-wing ex-military man setting up his own militia; loosely based on the character he played in 'The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin'. I'm not sure how well-remembered 'Ripping Yarns' is compared to 'Fawlty Towers' but it's great. There was a US thing I loved as a kid called 'Holmes & Yoyo'. 'Set of Six' by Rowland Rivron, where he plays all six grown up sextuplets in an episode each. Not a sitcom but a comedy drama, 'Prospects' Ch.4 again, mid eighties, starring the late Gary Olsen and Brian Bovell.
  12. Currently watching 'Savaged' (2013) on the Horror Channel. About 45%. Some of that would be for the Pontiac GTO.
  13. The Ipcress File 10 Rillington Place Trees Lounge City Of God Cobra Verde King Hearts And Coronets Yojimbo Hellzapoppin' La vie est Belle The Fearless Vampire Killers Coogan's Bluff Walkabout Those are a few I love that I've seen more than once...
  14. It would have to be music people. e.g. Little Richard, Smokey Robinson, Nile Rodgers, Tom Moulton, Bob Andy, Brenda Holloway, Gladys Knight, P.P. Arnold, Fats Domino, Quincy Jones, Chaka Khan - if any turned up it would be wonderful.
  15. That's interesting. There is a DJ cut of the riddim on Jazzbo's label but he doesn't seem to have recorded himself on it. Screechie Trouper - Pray To Jah Jah ---------- Post added 22-05-2017 at 17:24 ---------- Also Johnny Clarke revisted his cover of Little Anthony & the Imperials' "Tears On My Pillow" on the same riddim... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6TKaZN09Sce ...which he'd previously recorded for Bunny Lee around 1974. (I have the Bunny Lee production on the ''Don't Trouble Trouble'' compilation). Can't find it online but here's its dub... The Aggrovators - Dub on My Pillow ---------- Post added 22-05-2017 at 17:29 ---------- I used to feel that tapes were expensive enough and I recorded tracks off radio shows instead of the whole programme. There are some things I wish I had the full recording of now! Now, a bit of software will do it for us...
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