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Anyone With A Dog wanting a new home??


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i am wondering if any has a dog that is free to a good home for my kids


i got them a staffy pup at xmas but had no where to keep it as my house got broke into so had to give it to some1


wondering if any1 can help as my kids keep bugging me about getting another dog haha

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A dog is for life not just for xmas...


If you are serious about wanting to take a dog on there are a lot of things you need to consider first. I wouldn't just take on a dog that is free to a good home as it may not suit your lifestyle. You need to look into what breeds are best for you and your family as this can make a real difference.


You need to ask yourself questions like


Can you commit to daily walks?

Can you commit to vet bills?

Can you afford kennels if you suddenly need to find a temporary place for your dog to live inder unforseen circumstances like burglary?

Can you commit to puppy classes?

Do you have somewhere for the dog to go when you want a holiday?


I know no one on here knows your anything about you but from your brief comments already it does sound like a dog is not for you or it is too soon. A dog takes a hell of a lot of work. Would a different pet be more suitable for the children? Like a hamster maybe? You can rescue small animals from rescue centres too.


Would dog fostering be better for you? I dont know much about dog fostering but someone like Rainrescue would be able to give you some advice.


Please think about the effect rehoming dogs has on the dogs well being.


Good luck in finding the right pet for you.

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I don't think many people will be willing to give you their dog knowing that you've previously given one away quite unnecessarily. Your house getting broken into isn't really a valid reason for giving up a loved family pet. Couldn't a family member or friend have had it until you got yourself sorted? If not, why not put it in boarding kennels for a while? Even some rescues would have been willing to help if you were short of cash.


I have no intention of ever giving up my dog. But if i did, i wouldn't even condsider giving it to you.

Netherlands Boarding and Rescue Kennels- 'Giving Local Dogs A Chance' http://www.netherlandsdogrescue.co.uk

Mill House Animal Sanctuary- 'For The Neglected We Care' http://www.animalsheltersheffield.co.uk

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How sad. I don't normally join these kind of discussions, but surely you didn't give the kids away whilst the house was broken into so why the dog?? Poor dog.


H Hounds has made a very good point.

Please carefully consider what she said.

It sounds like you have already made one mistake, it wouldn't be fair on the 'new' dog for you to make another.

It's only just been about 4 months since xmas, and since getting rid of your last dog. This really isn't good.


Why not try a pet hamster?

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haha so funny isn't it, glad you are laughing. You tried to sell your dog on this forum in December we had to warn you about selling illegal dog breeds, this was the message you got from a mod back in December.

"I'm afraid that you cannot sell your dog on this site, it is illegal to breed from pitbulls or buy/sell them in this country, so we cannot host your ad. "


Well hopefully someone will give you a dog on here, good luck.

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