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  1. Anyone ever done this? I've got gold insurance for building and contents, never had any concerns but unfortunately I was recently robbed early morning whilst I was in the house. I think I may have luckily disturbed them as they could've taken a lot more than they did. I did alert my insurance, who said the claims department would contact me (they haven't) and that I needed a crime ref number. I finally have had it given to me today (at last!) So will be calling them tomorrow. I obviously have an excess to pay, but it does also say in my policy 'visitors belongings - £500 limit'. My partner had actually left some stuff here as he's moved out of his last House and works at during the week, and some of that was stolen too. Has anyone used this visitors belongings before? Call me skeptical but I am keeping in my mind that my insurance may try to get out of paying more if they can help it, my only experience has been car insurance when younger and they don't even bother trying to fight your corner! So any info, advice or experiences welcome.
  2. Anyone know of any places still doing adult beginners gymnastics? Seen some old threads about this, but seems to of stopped now so looking for updated places?
  3. Hi all Just some advice please? Parked at NGH other day for a meeting in one of the teaching buildings, same spot I'd parked in the month before where I had no issues. It wasn't in the pay and display car park that was close by, but in an unmarked area with no double yellow lines. As said, previously parked there with no issues so did so again. This time found myself and all the cars next to me with a parking charge on my windscreen from CPP. Anyone aware of this company or have any advice for me? Should I wait for a letter through the post before appealing? (Parking penalty newbie here) I am planning on returning to the spot to take photos of the lack of clear direction regarding parking at that spot, to show it was not in a pay/display car park and that there was no signage to say otherwise.
  4. Avoid pedigree chum like the plague. Full of rubbish! And yes, she might be old but if you want to keep her ticking over for longer still then I'd keep off the doggy junk food as much as possible still. If she was palliative then that's a different matter.
  5. I don't think you can really feed her just chicken and rice. That's not really a complete diet. You should really take her to the Vets and make sure there's not a reason behind this.
  6. Peak Vets. Even when my dog was terminally ill and some options were available eg remove the spleen and its tumour to give my dog maybe a couple more weeks, my Vets were happy to do it if it's what I wanted, but agreed with me that it would only prolong the inevitable, and that it was better to stop before life wasn't quality life anymore for my dog. Even when chemo had been suggested elsewhere, my Vet was very honest and told me that cancer we suspected it was wouldn't work with chemo so it'd be a waste of money and hope. Great Vets. I'd never go anywhere else now.
  7. I think by the looks of things it'll be Steve coming to mine too
  8. Yes, he's not really eaten today at all and was sick this afternoon, so we had a little nip to Vets for a jab of painkillers and antiemetics to keep us comfortable. He's tired so easily now, but still happy and excited by walks so, it is the time I think. Less than a week diagnosed. The Vet we saw today went through the same thing with her dog, she said. Except she chose to remove the spleen which only brought them an extra few weeks, and in the end she felt they left it a couple days too late and should've maybe stopped before that. Thanks everyone, it's been a brutal few days since his shocking diagnosis last Wednesday. It's still hard to believe a week ago he was his normal happy self. To me, in comparison, it's quite the change.
  9. He's booked in for a home visit tomorrow. I've decided on a private cremation with Sheffield Pet Crematorium, as he'll only stay overnight and then I can collect him Wednesday. Couldn't bare the thought of him being put in a bin bag and stored in a freezer until next Monday at the Vets. The Vets say he's still bright, but I can see the difference and I think he's a little pale. I'm not going to leave it any later for him to become poorly and unhappy.
  10. I need your help guys, and experiences. Could you share with me anything you have learnt/experienced with your dog euthanasia? Did your dog have a 'good death'? How was this achieved? If not, what would you have done in hindsight?
  11. He's not eaten much today. I know it's coming. At the moment my main problem is how I'm going to decide to do this, as it's going to have to happen for his benefit - I can't let him suffer, he's too good for that. I just need to work out how and where would be best for him. I haven't found the solution yet.
  12. It is going to be pretty imminent. He was diagnosed suddenly with a large cancerous mass on his spleen, but it's also wide spread metastasised to his liver - his bloods have shown it's already failing - and they think it's probably on his heart as they believe it's hemangiosarcoma. The spleenic mass is huge and at risk of rupturing at any time. He was only diagnosed Wednesday and it was only Tuesday evening the lump became apparent - now he looks almost pregnant, so it's been a very quick aggressive progression. So I either call it quits, or risk a massive internal bleed, or wait and watch him slow down and lose his appetite etc, which I'm already noticing over the last couple days.
  13. Only place is my parents house but that's in North Yorkshire. I've only got analgesia currently that the Vets have given for palliative.
  14. What do you do when it comes to PTS your dog? When your dog is still fairly active and appears on the outside still very much the same, but they absolutely HATE Vets and are very stressed at going there. Home visits seem a bit wrong too, as they aren't a huge fan of strangers in the house and would only be excited/stressed by this also. Seems a bit unfair to cause upset and stress at the last moment. How do you get around this? And how can you trust a cremation service to do as said? Some of you will remember the disgusting discovery that a local cremation business were in fact dumping the bodies and giving customers fake ashes that were not of their beloved pet.
  15. Anyone on here experienced this with their dogs? What happened? What was the deterioration?
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