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Muck Spreading at Hillsborough ?

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As anyone noticed for the past few evenings around Hillsbourgh, the smell of sewage around 6PM ?. I know it is probably one of the farmers round there muck spreading on the fields, not, as one of my work mate explained that "There is a certain football ground in the area !". :hihi:

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I've noticed it....well it's slapped me in the face....the past two night. Smells awful. I was going to post a thread about it...but I live on Winn Gardens and rather than receiving a SENSIBLE response I thought it would just encourage the trolls and chav haters....so I decided not to bother.


I'm not a Sheffielder and thus not used to country smells permeating my delicate little nosey wosey. My other half stood on the balcony though and was telling me what sort of creature the smell come from - he came to the decision it was horse rather than cow.....HOW do you tell!!! Poo is poo whatever bottom it comes from :hihi:

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