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  1. advice only please - my neighbour took down my 1920s garden wall when building a 4 metre extension on back - came round told us it was falling down it was not - our advice don't touch it! anyway came back off holiday 2 years ago now wall dismantled and garden fence on 'his' side. Argued with him got him to turn panels round etc and I mentioned to his builders (yes I was silly enough not to read plans thoroughly) which part of preserve and protect garden wall did they not understand! He came round next door and asked my other half for me me being female not to speak to builders etc. Can I still report him to buildings regulations ie he did not follow plan - I let it go cuz other half did not want hassle. The reason I ask is Im going to get a fencing company in go go the other 70 foot up garden and put in concrete and panels which involves taking out a low retaining brick wall which he is saying is stll his along with fence he put in on our garden wall. Also I spoke with his architect that did not want to get caught up in boundary disputes understandbly but could not believe what he had done - think Im going ahead anyway but just wanted thoughts on this
  2. As the driver of the vehicle that let a passenger out in moving traffic and then drove off leaving me found out - they were both charged. If more people could be a little more courtesy to each other........
  3. Sorry I did not see your reply before I posted but totally agree
  4. The 'lady' was disgusting and then pushing him Down the steps when he was clearly getting off and then to get a round of applause! As I have said I would have called the police to reported her
  5. I've watched this a couple of times and then last night asked my 16 year old son to do the same. Both of the same opinion that this 'lady' is disgusting. Not saying he should get a free ride but perhaps has his own problems. We both agreed with me saying I would have paid his fare just to shut her up. Also if I had been there I would have called the police to report her for assault. Wonder if she would have gone up against hooligans carrying out kicking attacks on a defenceless drunk beded down for the night the same way?
  6. I know this s about buying in Sheffield and I don't smoke but KGB deals are offering Some called lifestyle that apparently should be 59.90 for 6.
  7. Don't think anyone really has a problem with mother and child spaces - think the main problem comes about at least as far as I am concerned when you have a mother with child that thinks they are above anyone else. I know a couple of young mums that get quite vocally aggressive if someone parks in one of these bays without a child, one even telling me that she would happily slap someone for this! My other half parked in one of these spaces when I had a pot on my arm and we used it so that I could open the door wide to enable getting out.
  8. I truly hope this young person gets the help they need
  9. I can't complain about mine at all, they are brilliant. For an emergency appointment yes you have to call from 8.30 for that day but I always have managed to get in for either myself or one of the children. I've even turned up with no appointment with my son before practice started to get an appointment and when one of the GPs saw him he took us straight in.
  10. I can second that ---------- Post added 31-01-2013 at 23:05 ---------- St. Thomas More off wordsworth avenue
  11. cycled in and cycled out but it is only 4 miles ---------- Post added 21-01-2013 at 18:17 ---------- True so I think tomorrow I may be leaving the pushbike at home
  12. Middlewood Road North snow failing lightly at the moment and nothing settling.
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